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Yes I hold grudges. No I donโ€™t forgive and forget. They mucked up when I started my LISA and they barely apologised at all. And they charge too much. Pfff.


If thereโ€™s anyone here who wants to lose weight then AJ Bellโ€™s social post video about โ€œhow they chose the name Doodooโ€ will help you bring up your lunch. And yesterdayโ€™s lunch. It will clean you out. Itโ€™s colonic irrigation in boomer-humour form. [Link for anyone who blocks embedded social posts like I do and therefore canโ€™t see the post below]

Also theyโ€™re on TikTok because someone thought that the meme โ€œHow do you do fellow kids?โ€ was an instruction manual rather than a warning. https://www.tiktok.com/@dodlapp

PS. Thank you Freetrade for managing to do social media properly. The moment you have Viktor and Adam on TikTok rapping about investments with backwards baseball caps on is the moment I leave.


Haha! Amazing! I love how much effort you put into this grudge!

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They deserve it. Theyโ€™re the kind of company that would replace their staff Christmas bonuses with a one year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.
Source for the uncultured amongst us

I canโ€™t begin to tell you how much I love this!

You love their social media antics?!

In the same way, you canโ€™t help but watch a train crash. You know itโ€™s going to be a disaster but iโ€™ll be damned if Iโ€™m not watching!

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"Passengers awaiting the arrival of the AJ Bell service to Social Media Success, please be aware that this service has been delayed indefinitely."


Freetrades got a new comp coming 2022โ€ฆ

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Perhaps move to Competitors thread?

Some observations:

Matches Vanguard Investor pricing.

Advantages over Vanguard Investor include ability to purchase individual stocks as well as funds from other providers.

Advantages over Freetrade ISA include lower cost for those with portfolios smaller than ยฃ24K, ability to purchase OEIC funds, and support for Lifetime ISA.

Only a small number of stocks and funds at launch but I assume that would grow over time.

Iโ€™d argue itโ€™s not cheaper than Freetradeโ€™s offer, they donโ€™t provide a free GIA. Unless you are making >50% on a pot of ยฃ24k an ISA isnโ€™t going to help you much, and you can switch at that level. Frequent trading outside the ISA could be a hassle for tax reporting, but Dodl doesnโ€™t seem to support that anyway (neither do FT actively encourage it, as itโ€™s hazardous to your wealth).

The LISA sure is nice thou. Hint hint

Seems like a puny number compared to Freetradeโ€™s 1.2 million but average portfolio probably much bigger, with AUM of ยฃ75.6bn.

I ainโ€™t clicking on no Daily Mail link, just commenting to say that theyโ€™d have 398,065 customers if I could move my LISA from them to Freetrade instead of waiting until FTโ€™s LISA launch date of 2053 :frowning:


I think we have to consider who the customers are/were. A lot of people moved to freetrade when 212 effectively shut their doors. Even now when people ask where to yolo their money you get โ€˜freetrades tour only optionโ€™ in terms of I want access to the market but I donโ€™t want to pay for it.

But 212 still seems to the the first choice in a lot of topics Iโ€™ve seen, despite its super shady terms. And freetrade gets first place only because it was second place to 212 but no one can get access to 212.

15k customers is nothing to laugh about, but in the grand scheme of things itโ€™s still low. Thereโ€™s 50 million adults in the UK and almost none of them are investing

Just received in an emailโ€ฆ


Now I have to work my way through my shit list to find someone I hate enough to inflict AJ Bell on.


They have a new advert

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Weird. They didnโ€™t ask me to appear in the advert. I have opinions that Iโ€™d like the world to see!

Anyway, just topped up my LISA and tried to make a trade in a US stock only to be toldโ€ฆ

There is currently no online quote available. We offer online quotes for the US exchanges from when they open, normally 2:30pm until 9:00pm, Or you can place a telephone order with our Dealing Services team on 0345 54 32 600 (Monday-Friday 08:00 โ€“ 17:00).

Just queue it at the best price for me then?! Ugh!


Jesus Christ AJ Bell - why are you such utter garbage?

Just tried to make my trade andโ€ฆ

We require a valid tax form before you can deal in this investment. For US investments (W-8BEN) please click here

For Canadian investments (NR-301) please click here

Why not proactively get me to complete that BEFORE I start trying to trade US shares?