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I like the expansion and availability of AIM All-Share index. :+1:

Do we have a rough estimate of when they will be available?

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We plan to have all AIM All-Share stocks that have no technical or operational complexity around them, within the next few weeks. As for the handful that do have issues, we will resolve those as soon as physically possible.

Keep an eye out for a monster-sized batch of stocks, both for Plus and free members, this week!



Thank you very much for the updates! :grin:

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@Lucky_Spec We added it today.


I was disappointed that after campaigning for this it comes in only for Plus members. Any reason for that? Is it just because we wanted it that bad and it might be a carrot for an upgrade? I’m pretty sure I would have stumped for plus at some point but this has my thinking twice. I’d hat to see the same dark patterns here that I have seen on other sites.

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There’s a clear cut logic on what stocks are free and which ones are in plus, no conspiracy theory needed.


I am also somewhat disappointed that it has not been made available to all.
Never know in time it may be moved to free account status.

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Thanks I hadn’t seen this. I wasn’t thinking conspiracy. Just everyday marketing tactics.
My feeling was that crowdsourcing what stocks non-plus (and other) members are interested in is valuable to both the platform and the user …unless of course the user then has to upgrade to invest in them. It gave me a kind of Meh feeling is all.
I am currently deciding where to focus, this platform or Trading 212 and I was all for Freetrade before I saw the ‘Upgrade to plus to invest in the share you really really want’. Now I think I’ll wait and see what other pros and cons there might be.

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Up 33% today… looks to speculation that an announcement will take place shortly.
Interesting to see this unfolds!

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Yeah happy I got in when I did hopefully it stays up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Now this is a rocket :rocket::star_struck::rocket::star_struck::rocket:
Expectation building based on massively undervalued silver prospects - 3p by Monday perhaps?

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Here’s hoping up nearly 300% already :money_mouth_face::heart_eyes:


Hope no-one gets spiked at these price levels. £80+ MCap is huge!

(not invested, just observing the action)

Brilliant! I know there is chatter about a potential JV on the horizon.

I think with these AIM miners its the case of get in and get out with what you can (?!). Given its all pre-revenue / investigative work on their sites, their only source of capital is the stock market which presents a risk of wild swings (they are issuing new shares on 19 October).
However recent rights issues in 2020 do not appear to have negatively impacted the price as it was at the time and so it would seem, given the huge volume of the past few weeks, that large investors are pretty excited about the prospects here…!

More than potential JV, it’s expected to be announced next week

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I’m interested in the new energy industry.

Alien seem to be on the rise this morning, I’ve got back double what I put into it at the moment.


I’m late to the party on this one. Have had it in my watchlist for a while but not committed because i’m holding quite a lot in the mining sector already. Ended up taking profits from Ceres today and going Freetade Plus to redistribute the money to this and also Bezant Resources (copper miner with some gold potential as well).

I’m gambling on further sp growth from increasing silver and copper prices over the near to mid-term :crossed_fingers:


JV confirmed this morning with Capstone Mining for the Donovan 2 gold and copper site in Mexico.
The minimum ownership percentage UFO will hold at completion of the farm in is 20%.

Hasn’t helped the share price today at all! I’ve definitely bought near the top of a spike. But expecting longer term holding for an upside!