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Slowly losing faith in this one, can’t lower my AVG any more. It’s just take take take :persevere:


There is hope :raised_hands:t3:
Looks like the silver rally is helping pump UFO…
Up 28% so far this morning - can’t see this being sustained though (famous last words)

Yes, some nice movement today.

There was also a tweet made from a chartist, might have added to the momentum, calling for upwards movement to 7p :man_shrugging:. (I’ll find the link)

Edit :

This movement completely passed me buy. Thanks for flagging. Just checked my holding the app, up 30% now :joy:


I’d take those chart predictions with a pinch of salt tbh. They were also pushing for GGP to hit 80p by March or something crazy.

Whilst I think ufo have great assets, this IMO is being driven by the supposed “silver squeeze” and nothing more.


You mean to say its not? What! Sell sell sell… :joy:


This squeeze maybe driven by increase In silver, yes, but I feel there is a lot more in the pipeline for UFO…

CEO purchase of 5 mil shares at 1.25 today

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It was a non-exec director that bought the shares but still a promising sign given the volatility in this share.
Expecting good things from UFO this year!

Apologies, you’re correct. Rushed to post without checking what I typed :man_facepalming:

Does anyone have any news in these guys??