All US Stocks

Hi. Can we please just have all the stocks available please instead of posting requests for a single stock in each separate post. We are missing out on SENS,sensonic holdings, INOVU, SNDL and many other stocks that have low buy ins atm and would like to invest in these before the price shoots up. Please.

I think that’s the eventual goal

I really hope so :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it is, including other US markets as well. I assume the reason for adding stocks in batches is to prioritise what people want and allow them to put the work into ones that will be used, maybe there are also other costs involved im not sure.

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Drivewealth don’t currently allow OTC stocks or other US stocks with a market cap of <1bn. I believe SNDL were sub 1bn a few weeks back but are still very volatile, I think that’s where the issue’s been, same with sens, they’re over but close. But yeh I agree, would love all to be available.