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Here’s an interesting piece from Waymo looking at how the Waymo Driver would handle scenarios from fatal accidents that occurred within the operational area. I’m not at all surprised that it prevented collision as the crash initiator (that’s to be expected), but the fact that it did so well as the responding vehicle shows it’s a very capable defensive driver.

From the paper:

The results of these simulations showed that the Waymo Driver was successful in avoiding all collisions when replacing the crash initiator, that is, the road user who made the initial, unexpected maneuver leading to a collision. Replacing the driver reacting (the responder) to the actions of the crash initiator with the Waymo Driver resulted in an estimated 82% of simulations where a collision was prevented and an additional 10% of simulations where the collision severity was mitigated (reduction in crash-level serious injury risk). The remaining 8% of simulations with the Waymo Driver in the responder role had a similar outcome to the original collision.

I’m excited to see how the SF rollout goes, I think the big question to be answered is on scalability & expanding the geofenced areas so that will be a good test.

Sigh of relief for common sense here. Cloning APIs is fair use. Supreme Court rules for Google in the Oracle-Java-Android case.


part of me thinks that Oracle really does enjoy being hated :smiley:
as you say, good news for common sense.

Interesting story… buy a country’s google domain name!

By Mr Kuroña (corona)

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Earnings beat. Up 4% after hours. Increasing stock buyback.

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I was listening to the AMD call, so I missed this as it’s not in the PDF.

Wow no kidding

a new $50 billion stock buyback

They are a real cash machine, from distributing almost nothing up to 2017 they are now paying out a huge amount to shareholders.

Year Buybacks ($bn) Total Yield (approx)
2021 50 3.23%
2020 31.15 2.83%
2019 18.40 2.30%
2018 9.08 1.21%

Class C capital stock is the buyback; Alphabet Inc. Class C Capital Stock (GOOG) ticker not on FT

How come alphabet price on FT is different to yahoo finance etc?

Neither FT nor Yahoo (afaik) give real-time pricing, so both will be slightly out-of-date to differing degrees. I suspect Yahoo will be closer to real-time, but I’m not sure TBH as I don’t use it myself.

Real-time pricing costs money. You can get pretty close to real-time here for free though:

Unless you’re looking GOOG on one and GOOGL on the other. They’re not the same stock, they’re different classes of share.

Thanks! Yes I was looking at GOOG :roll_eyes:

What a surprise


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Happy cake day!

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Thank you! (Moooo!) 2 years on the forum has absolutely flown by… I’m user 37,xxx


An interesting interview with the CEO of Alphabet

Waymo are now really racking up some mileage on their i-paces in SF

As noted in replies: with this amount of miles in a relatively complex urban environment I think this year’s CA DMV disengagement report should be a good indicator of how far away real AD solutions are.

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Interesting article.

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