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how many votes does it need?

Alpine 4 Technologies is now on NASDAQ how long before we see it on free trade ?

hopefully available to all not just plus members


Now this is NASDAQ I’d love to see it pop up for all on Freetrade so I can switch it from T212 to my ISA and keep adding.


It would be great if this could be added.

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Your wish is a Freetrade command …

… well it will be in a few hours or so. They create a discussion topic just ahead of it going live in the app.

Here you go @LelandGConstitution :wink:

Are you saying it’s on or it’s coming onto the platform?

That’s exactly what I’m saying! The team
Ahve been creating stock discussion all week for loads of new companies, Friday is often new stock day so keep an eye out today at some point.

Any clue as to when this might surface? Been looking for it for some time.

Still can’t see it. Surely we got enough votes to add it?

My guess is there has been a delay in supporting ADR’s - usual a ‘stock discussion’ is started a few days before the listing goes live.

There will be a lot of post when they go live as many people have been waiting for these.

Looks interesting buit unable to access the company website - blocked on a couple of browsers with potential malware - amyone else had problems?

Any chance this can be added been waiting for a long time.

Would be good to see this being added.

Hi everyone :wave: $ALPP is now live on your app.

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Hi they have this on trading 212. I’m desperate for it. Price target $50 when it hits NASDAQ

There’s already a few stock request posts for ALPP.
As it’s currently OTC, Freetrade won’t be able to add it (Drivewealth don’t support OTC).
Once on the Nasdaq should be on here (I’m holding in another provider until I can move onto here).

Where do you hold it?

Hopefully something other than T212, which isn’t accepting signups

212 - held an account with them for a while (but my miah holding is here)

Thank you for adding this, just in time for their presentation today. :heart:

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