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Ayx please add this to your list

My workmates go on and on about how I must own shares in Alteryx because I never shut up about how good they are are a company and their software.

It’d be great to prove them right!

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bumping this one as they are doing incredibly well and would be a good investment IMHO.

The company just capped off a mighty strong year in which revenue grew a whopping 65%. That includes a 130% expansion rate, meaning existing customers augmented their spending by 30% relative to last year. The company also added 30% new customers, including several leading household names. Finally, Alteryx is actually profitable, with $27.1 million in net income and $64.6 million in non-GAAP net income in 2019 – a rarity for many high-growth software companies.

As a one time user of Alteryx I’m somewhat indifferent about owning their shares… but, hey, it’s available on quite a few cheap/free platforms where you can buy until FT get a bigger universe