Altra Industrial Corp - AIMC

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Technicals are good to the upside, all other fundamentals look cheap, but the earnings per share projections are ambitious ($3.15 2019 vs $1.64 trailing 12m (TTM), ie double). If they achieve it, happy days, I expect, as current forward price/earnings ratio (PE) is only 10.9. Next earnings release is Jul 26th, unusually Friday - pre-bell, estimate 81c for the quarter. Here’s the company’s financial history.

This chart shows clearly that the current forward PE is at the extreme low end of its historical average, and TTM PE is high but has been higher. Mathematically, that tells you that the market has not yet priced in the forward earnings estimates (unlike 2012-14 and 2016-8 where the forward PE led the price).

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Very interesting analysis, thank you. Also glad to see more Koyfin appreciators! (there are rumours that they will release full support of LSE stocks this summer) :wink:

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