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Altria Group, Inc. is a holding company which engages in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes in the United States. It operates through the following segments: Smokeable Products, Smokeless Products, and Wine. The Smokeable Products segment comprised of cigarettes manufactured and sold by PM USA and machine-made large cigars and pipe tobacco manufactured and sold by Middleton. The Smokeless products segment manufactured and sold by or on behalf of USSTC and PM USA. The Wine segment producer of Washington State wines, primarily Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia Crest, and owns wineries in or distributes wines from several other wine regions. The company was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Richmond, VA.

+1 great stock and seems to be significantly undervalued at the moment

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I agree, Altria should have included in the initial 120 US stocks they launched.


Hopefully makes the cut, once the crowdfunding is over :slight_smile:

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Please can I purchase Altria stocks

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Any idea when more USA stocks will be added. I’d love to add Altria to my dividend portfolio. With the stock tanking over the last couple of days, an 8.13% dividend is something very attractive. Also I’d love to add (O)

I still do not understand how can we have GoPro or Fitbit in the stock universe, but not Altria or Philip Morris.


Please add this stock

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It was an editorial decision in the early days (sometime in 2017), and we had some constraints and tried to prioritise stocks that would resonate with our audience. But Fitbit and GoPro are not the end-all, and we intend to add both Altria and Philip Morris, possibly in the 3,000 US stocks batch.

There’s a bit more wait until that happens, but it will be worth it as we’re setting ourselves up to scale the stock universe fast.


Still waiting for this stock to drop on freetrade


Wonder if this will be in the new batch of US stocks