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Im happy buying Amazon for a long time to come :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Not so great on Amazon:

‘Energy drink’ made from urine becomes Amazon bestseller (

[FYI - I have a share in Amazon, yes, just one! :laughing:]


Surely good for the ESG rating…doesn’t get much more sustainable than that! :see_no_evil::rofl:


A union said Amazon had “been treating their workers like robots for years”.

I guess one positive for Amazon is that robots don’t have unions :rofl: (unless it’s something AI can create :laughing:)


Its poor that people have little workers rights, but the reality is they will be replaced by actual robots very soon.

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If the robots continue to work at this pace, then I think we will have late deliveries for Christmas :sweat_smile:

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panic as Bezos sells 8 million shares …
:eyes: :rofl:
he still has 800million left


Needs to drop more. Waiting for $133 to load up. Its one of those days, red across the board but not red enough to buy.

I can’t see this dropping into the low 130’s anytime soon. This is going upwards to 150 and 160 by Christmas


Brought more @142.83
We are going to rocket.

Amazon is over 20% of my portfolio.

I’m no expert, but with a 10-15 year personal timeline, I’m happy to buy at current prices without hesitation.

Im averaging $121.

I will however diversify more in time…it is important.

DYOR…and diversify.

Amazon is 4.5% one of the 38 in my portfolio
Too many ?
I think we head higher into year end
Then we have the January slump
Looking to add more in my long term then


I have 9 , including S&P.

I’m probably a few light, but I’m still in my first year.

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This was always the plan even since I was a little kid over 30 years ago when I seen it in books, then collected the rear robots magazines every 2 weeks or week from the post office :slight_smile: good times. Those collectables really teach you about tech, space the future. Kinda mad some of the things said there are just now coming into play.

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How many stocks do you have that are going in this rocket and to the moon? Haha

I think I got put off by this stock when I bought some before and it stayed in the red for 3 years so bassicly my full time investing so when I sold my gia while amazon was in the red I didn’t bother buying back.

Maybe it’s because I bought in on the high nite in 2021 when I started investing but yeah.

they are all going to the moon :star_struck:… some may get there sooner than others, some are like the space x rocket and have lost communication and will turn up eventually


38 stocks crikey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Would he be following the Warren Buffett moves? :thinking: