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Agree with you here it feels as if it has the most room to pop from the tech group.


still waiting for a break … :sleepy: it needs to happen this week with the amount of calls I have that expire on friday :woozy_face:

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A sub of Amazon

Robo taxi are the future
This is not an AI bubble this is our future only just being born

$MBLY mobileye
$AMZN Amazon
$NVDA nvidia


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It’s worth noting for the wider audience here, that the video title and content is very much misleading and makes it clickbait, to call it the “Worlds first robotaxi”

From the bits I’ve seen over the years Waymo (Google subsidiary) and Cruise (General Motors subsidiary) are seen as the current leaders technologically in this field (Robotaxis)

Waymo have had Robotaxis out in the field for a number of years at this point, December 2018 for paying customers to be specific (and before that in closed beta) -


Big news !

$AMZN to $220 and beyond :thinking: :face_holding_back_tears:

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We just need to get the huge whale that’s selling at $200 out of the way then we can move again. :grimacing:

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I’m sorry sonic it will soon be over then you csn buy more

We like more more more
Only a week to go till prime day. Will that be the catalyst we need

TBF I’ve not brought stock for a while , my average is still $111.05

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How much is the whale selling anyway?

the whale :rofl:

Next time I’m bullish on here can someone put me in my place :eyes:
Or if I am it’s a signal the stocks about to sell off :grimacing:
I guess Jeff didn’t sell all his $5bn at $200

AWS not taken down …

Is there a competitor to Crowdstrike :face_with_peeking_eye:

AWS shield :blush:

Will all the big business want to switch ? Has confidence in CRWD been hit

Claude 3.5 Sonnet is insane


Amazon vers the 100MA …