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anyone know the market price right now




(Big-g beat me to it)

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If you don’t trust the info that’s out there then the simplest way to know if they have covered is that the price of the stock will go up…a lot. IMO.

He says AMC won’t go over $100 because it’s not worth it….I mean of course it’s not everybody and his dog knows that. It’s another article that misses the point entirely. It’s probably worth 30-40 max but it will still squeeze violently because of all the short/naked short. As for the future of AMC it’s unclear, but there has been talk of mergers :man_shrugging:t3:

As for the sentiment into why people buy in I agree too many falsely follow the ‘let’s save AMC’ movement when it’s mostly about money. I personally would like them to succeed as it is Odean at the end of the day. But I’m more about making money from it and possibly (hopefully) fixing the market for the future. This whole movement has brought to light so many flaws/illegal activity in the market and the amount of eyes now on it is excellent.

Hedgefunds don’t have unlimited money and there spending billions of dollars daily just to knock it down a few dollars. Times running out for them, they have to cover. Just like with GME. IMO


Just before this launched I noticed there is a gold miner with over 300% short interest on the public float. Overall short interest is low, but I wondered what your thoughts were on the potential for this to squeeze?

TBF he did also say

And, it’s worth repeating: I don’t mind at all if someone gets rich off of a short squeeze. I sincerely hope the ape army wins, AMC goes to triple digits, and Citadel or other “hedgies” lose on any short positions they may have.

All I’m trying to point out is that this is not a reliable strategy to make money as a trader in markets. Not only is the “crowd” effect of pushing, holding and cheerleading a stock higher unsustainable, no army will be there to save you when things go south.

And I didn’t see his point as what the squeeze will end up as, more as a simple warning for those not aware of the bigger picture and you rarely see info like below on Reddit. You only hear it is almost a guarantee everyone will become rich and that simply is not true.

Once the shorts are covered those who didn’t sell have a very worthless share potentially.

Not only is this movie theater company not worth over $30 billion, the smart HF money is way smarter and way more quantitative. They can precisely dial-in the risk/reward at every price turn and use options and swaps to trim or amplify it all. And they rarely must act on exaggerated emotion, feverish fanaticism, or idolatrous ideology.

You can rightly blame and shame a hedge fund titan like Griffin for trying to drive AMC to the brink of bankruptcy. But you can’t actually hurt Citadel or any other hedge funds. Their pockets are too deep, too quantitative, too emotionless.

But even if you could, it wouldn’t be worth it. That’s my main message here today

Anyhow, I just said it was a good read and didn’t endorse it :+1: There are far too many people who only listen to 1 view but it is healthy to see the polar view even if only to verify your own point.


Buckle up one and all, get ready for the ‘End of the week’ roller coaster ride…


Just bought another 4 at $44 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That will be one of mine I just sold for $44 plus 3 others from elsewhere :wink:


More borrowing availability at a lower prince point once more…

What does this mean - layman’s terms?

these are shares in AMC owned by someone already who is prepared to borrow them out to a Shorter at a fee…

My analysis put it slightly higher. I looked at the stock price of some of AMC’s closest peers, ranked them and then interpolated a fair value for AMC at ~$52

Stock Price
AMB 23.4
Median 52.24
AMD 81.08
AMC 44.67
Upside 16.95%

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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I have decided to sell all of my shares apart from 0.69671283 shares which I will now leave to build up my retirement income…

I have made £23.08 profit on my buying and selling over the last few days. My remaining 0.69671283 cost me £27.15 so now my max potential loss in the AMC game is £4.07.

Of course I remain hopeful for the £1k, £100k whatever folk are saying :wink:


I’ve never heard of interpolating a fair value, but my DCF model values it around $8, and that is based on some generous growth and EBITDAs.

It is one thing to take a punt expecting the short squeeze but I would not expect anyone to say this is a value play…

I might buy back in if they go to $8 or there about…

Then you would probably sell at $8.02 :joy: jks haha


That is where I got in

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