AMC Entertainment (AMC)

Between here and Revolut my average price is a little over $10 so I’m finally in the green on this. Still have fingers crossed for GME levels.

Is this as high as it’s gonna get ? $10 or is this just the start ? I’m still down but obviously not as much as when it was $5 :joy: #hodl :flushed:

I don’t think there’s as many shorts on this as there are gme.

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Me neither but the free marketing these companies are getting alone is priceless. Every gamer in the world hates GME before and now they all love them.


This is currently the most shirted stock there is and I love the stock. Finished at 8.01 now on 8.05… see you Monday! Do not try hold to 1000 but take those trendies. This is not financial advise and this is my second investment feel free to tell me I’m wrong which I may be

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If it goes to 11, I’m taking my money and putting it into CCIV. It’s at a discount at the moment. ACM is sure to fall back down quicker then it will go up. If it goes back down to 5 I’ll probably buy back in. it will go back to the correct value when everywhere opens up. Which is between 8 and 14.

Great point, but I’m holding right now. Might even by more if it keeps dipping. Let’s wait and see :grin: