AMC Entertainment (AMC)

My analysis put it slightly higher. I looked at the stock price of some of AMC’s closest peers, ranked them and then interpolated a fair value for AMC at ~$52

Stock Price
AMB 23.4
Median 52.24
AMD 81.08
AMC 44.67
Upside 16.95%

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

I have decided to sell all of my shares apart from 0.69671283 shares which I will now leave to build up my retirement income…

I have made £23.08 profit on my buying and selling over the last few days. My remaining 0.69671283 cost me £27.15 so now my max potential loss in the AMC game is £4.07.

Of course I remain hopeful for the £1k, £100k whatever folk are saying :wink:


I’ve never heard of interpolating a fair value, but my DCF model values it around $8, and that is based on some generous growth and EBITDAs.

It is one thing to take a punt expecting the short squeeze but I would not expect anyone to say this is a value play…

I might buy back in if they go to $8 or there about…

Then you would probably sell at $8.02 :joy: jks haha


That is where I got in

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Hell yeah take that profit and enjoy spending it

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Have a closer look at the peers.

I can understand people selling if they have a large investment but I thought most bought when the price was low so must still be in the money
For me at the moment it’s the long game, still up about 2k so it’s got to be worth hanging on to see if there is BIG money to be made.


Let it rip $46

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Personally I buy most of the dips. They are just too yummy not to :yum: haha

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Whoaaaaa 47!!

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I have, that’s why I said it is a generous estimate.

As I said, AMC could go much higher, who knows, but not because it is currently good value.


Do you really? Show me some

Respect to you Pete. I’ve enjoyed all of your input. If I have a diamond hand in the future I’ll take you for a curry


That was a pretty cool ending to the day. I honestly thought it was game over for now and would stay in the low 40s. But I think contrary to GME, many people came to AMC in January because of GME, and placed a punt, buying a few shares. So for them (me included), there is no real loss if it goes south and I am not incentivized to sell. If I had a large holding like some of you here, I would have sold for peace of mind. But with only 48,8 stocks, I can hold them a bit longer.


I’m somewhat in agreement. GME has the advantage of having a lot less shares in the free float, AMC is so diluted it makes it so much more difficult for it to lift off I think.

I’ve sold about 40% of my AMC shares, hilariously, at the lowest price point this week, but ho hum. Anyway this has covered my initial investment and given me a nice profit in the bag, so I think unless we see more heavy downward swings I’ll hang on to the rest to see if there is anymore fuel in this rocket ship. I still have concerns about when to exit if it does rocket up again, I obviously missed the $70 price point last time, and now there is only 10% of the ff shorted (compared to 20% before), we’re a lot closer to them covering completely (I don’t buy the synthetic share theory). We shall see.


Looking forward to that curry already

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