AMC - Newbie

Hi, I know absolutely nothing about stock & shares but I have been pointed to this site via a friend also to look into AMC shares and this is not really to make money as a priority however join a community a little like Gamestop.
I dont know how much possibly to invest or even how to go about it but thought I would sign up and throw a bone opuit to see if anyone is out there to help a complete newbie!! :wink: any help is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards - Nick.

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I mean this in the politest way possible, but please do your research and avoid the meme stocks. Don’t chase unrealistic returns.


Or chase them but only with money you can afford to lose!

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Thank you for your kind reply, where would be the best places to recommend starting your research ?? Nick.

I use and also both are good resources

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Your a star !! thank you.

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There is a stocks discussion for AMC here AMC Entertainment (AMC)

You’ll see some chat as the market opens on that forum. We’re a friendly bunch too unlike some other forums that can get a bit aggy…

Freetrade themselves have some resources to start with here:

I would recommend gaining an understanding first at least if you know nothing about stocks and shares before jumping in head first.

Once you have done that, you’ll want to consider what to invest in and why. Are you looking to invest for retirement? Are you wanting to invest funds or individual companies?

It’s important to know at this point that situation about stocks like AMC and GME are not normal market behaviour.


Here’s another decent source (though I’m probably a teeny bit biased because I write for it): Opto Magazine