Amte Power Plc - AMTE

AMTE has announced its intention to float on AIM this month.
I imagine it will be gaining interest as the year progresses (renewables/auto) so it would be great to have it available on Freetrade.

Update: Trading as of 12/03/21


Heavily oversubscribed - good info here #AMTE Power: An IPO That Brings The Lithium Battery Gold Rush To #AIM – Zak Mir

Thought I’d take a look at compare to the two other UK battery makers.

Invinity Energy Systems is focused on Vanadium Flow batteries for energy storage applications. It has a pipeline as of this month of 144MWh and revenues of only £222,000 in 2019 and last reported net assets of £38.7m although it has since raised £20.5m. 2023 forecast revenues are £39.2m. They don’t seem to release their manufacturing capacity publicly but it seems to be around 10MWh at the moment rising to circa 20MWh next month with an option for an additional ~15MWh in China. Enterprise Value assuming debt has remained low is £100m. Aside from regular energy related projects it is working on tidal generation in the Orkney Islands.

Ilika is specialised in much more expensive solid state batteries for medical, electrical vehicle and other uses. It has a manufacturing capacity of around 52KWh rising to several MWh in 2022 and 260MWh of just its Goliath batteries by 2024. Last years Revenue was £2.8m although all but £367k was grants. 2023 forecast revenues are £13.5m. It has net assets of £15.6m and an Enterprise Value is £273m. It is involved in projects with Honda, Ricardo, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover.

AMTE was a joint venture involving Mitsubishi Materials and GS Yuasa. It develops various different chemistries, such as sodium-ion, which has similar properties to Zinc hybrid batteries manufactured by Eos Energy with safety, cycling durability and cost as differentiators. As such it is planning to commercialise a sodium-ion pouch cell by next year designed primarily for energy storage. Its other products are either lithium-ion or lithium-ion derivatives. The actual material chemistry is exclusively licensed from QinetiQ and Faradion but the company is focused on cell innovation. The company is working with, among others: Williams Advanced Engineering, JLR and Ilika. It’s Scottish facility has a theoretical capacity of under 100MWh, and it also has plans for another factory in 2022 with a 2GWh capacity. Aside from this they have also signed a MoU to be a senior partner for Britishvolt’s 30-35GWh gigafactory in Northumberland which should be operational by 2023. The 15 months to June 2020 showed £802k in income and £462k in grants.
Enterprise value after IPO is circa £65m, with net assets of £17.2m. The company also owns 19.5% of MEP Technologies Ltd, a manufacturer of battery packs and modules. In my view this company is undervalued as it has similar revenue profiles, blue chip partners and likelihood of double digit million revenues within 36 months to the others, yet is priced at significant discount.

image Increasing geographical diversification



Would be good to get this on Freetrade

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Clock is ticking on this one! Already feel the market cap is getting very high for a R&D company without any major manufacturing experience. Lots of risk long-term for companies like this in my view (who will probably get squashed by the global players) but worth a look as a short term trade or a bit of a punt.

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Yes but in tiny quantities for niche applications. Revenues about £1million a year aren’t they? I’m sure they have a role to play but a market cap above £100 million would require rapid growth and scale up plans to be justified imo. A 2GWh plant is not that. I also expect this industry will see brutal competition on prices and supply chains similar to when solar was scaling up and will be hard to pick the winners. Just my view though and I don’t claim much knowledge of the company.

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Britishvolt looking to de-SPAC. Noteworthy given some of that money will wind its way up to AMTE.

+1 Would be an easy add for FT.

Surprised to see that AMTE Power hasn’t been added yet to the stock list considering that battery development is really hot right now across many sectors.

Surprised to see that AMTE Power hasn’t been added to the stock list considering that battery development is really hot right now across many sectors.

AMTE is a constituent of the AIM with a market cap of around £100M. London Stock Exchange | London Stock Exchange

From Yahoo Finance:

AMTE Power Limited develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery cells for specialist markets primarily in the United Kingdom. The company’s products include Ultra High Power, a re-chargeable pouch format battery cell for the automotive battery cell market; Ultra Prime, a single use cylindrical battery cell for the oil and gas market; Ultra Safe, a battery for the energy storage cell market, which cover applications, including transportation, energy storage, back-up power, and energy in remote locations; and Ultra Energy, which is available in cylindrical cell format for the energy needs of the market. It offers batteries for automotive, aerospace, energy storage, oil and gas, and other specialized markets. AMTE Power Limited was formerly known as AGM Batteries Limited. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Thurso, the United Kingdom.

Existing topic, vote here: Amte Power Plc - AMTE - Share chat

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Any news on this being added???

Waiting with great anticipation!

Anytime you feel like adding this one, you just go right ahead free trade :sloth:

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2GWh plant pushed back to 2024/25.

But we now have analyst coverage! Target of 283p (+36%). Data courtesy of Koyfin:


By comparison the other UK players:

Ilika, PT of 278p (+98%)

Invinity Energy, PT of 285p (+122%)

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This company is involved in the production of lithium-ion batteries across a range of markets including automotive, aerospace, defence, oil & gas and energy storage.

The Join the discussion link from AMTE Power does not link here. Not sure who to notify.

Do you, or are you planning to hold this stock and what are your thoughts about AMTE Power potentially being the biggest beneficiary of the UKBIC Gigafactory?

AMTE is making a loss as it leaves it’s R&D phase and enters development of scaled production, but what is a good entry point for this stock, if at all?

I like their diversified battery technologies and am looking forward to seeing the results of their lithium-ion and sodium-ion tests