Amur Minerals (AMC) 🇷🇺 ⛏

When can we expect us trading to return.

AMC and Blackberry seem frozen

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You do realise that this isn’t AMC meme stock that everyone’s trying to buy right?

Honestly the fact you still don’t get it is worrying me.

Please do tell me why half the internet are looking to buy Amur Minerals?

I shouldn’t laugh, but it is funny.

Clicking the conversation link whilst on AMC Entertainment takes you to this conversation… can see why people might be confused by this

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This is really unfair. Communities in USA can buy Amc but we cant. The freeze is completely unacceptable. I really cannot believe this is happening.

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Why can’t I buy still?

What do you mean, amur minerals is fine today?

Maybe this will help: 2nd February 2021: $GME, $AMC, $NOK buys now enabled - #146 by Bailey2k4

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Could those of you interested in AMC (USA “Pump stock”) please create an alternative thread?
For those of us following Amur Minerals, it is a bit inconvenient to receive notifications on this forum relating to completely unrelated posts, on a thread that is meant to be for Amur Minerals.

So please create a new and different thread for AMC Entertainment, it will make it easier for everyone.


I’ve just checked the link to join the discussion from the app and it redirects here instead of:

Although it does say Amur Minerals in the title of the thread so…

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Interesting Q&A with the CEO (more like an interview though):

Also, some thoughts I put on the Eurasia thread that are related:

The reason of todays rise:

Do you guys think it gona continue? Or better to cash out now ( I mean tomorrow morning?)

No idea.

However, it’s market cap is £28.6m according to the LSE website…
We would have to account for any existing debt or cash, but assuming that it’s not enormous debt (maybe worth checking): If they do receive an offer for £100m then the share price will likely increase!

I just had a look at the latest balance sheet on marketwatch (not 100% reliable, best to check RNSs and official statements from the company) and it seems like they didn’t have much debt in the last update, they had over £1m cash but it’s likely that they have “burnt” through at least some of it since.

Edit: This is not advice, just my own intentions. Considering that they’ve confirmed negotations and the ball park amount, I will likely hold until the mineral resource sale (assuming it’s within the next year or so).

Update: The London Stock Exchange (LSE) indicates that the market cap is 53m GBP now.
It might only update it at the end of the day/week?

I’m a bit confused by this dividend that seems too good to be true:

Is it really going to yield about 100%?

Upon further looking into the dividend it seems like the company has sold its main asset for a large sum (to an unknown russian entity) and is distributing the proceeds to shareholders and then delisting and dissolving the company. So good if you had bought at 1.6 before the dividend was announced, but no point in trying to buy now at 1.8 when the dividend will be 1.8. Had fancied a flutter of ~£30 to get the money back and see if there are going to be further dividends, but with no chance of that no point in buying this company anymore.

Its delisting?