An update on adding thousands of new US stocks 🇺🇸

Really? I guess you really do think we’re stupid then.

For example, 31 January you posted that the upgrade the invest would be done in a couple of weeks. On the 8 Feb Sam posted the upgrade would be done “next week”.

The upgrade was announced finished on 28 February.

Version 2.7.9 changelog said fractionals will “arrive in the next few weeks” on 29 January. Version 2.8.5 on 10 March and things are still “just around the corner”.

On 11 February in your blog you wrote instant trades would be available “in the next couple of weeks”. They were available on 4 March.

What is your definition of a few weeks? Or a couple?

Yes, deadlines get missed in software engineering. And if you can’t meet them then that’s exactly why you shouldn’t be misleading customers.


No that quote came from a post Sam made on 8th February. However, it was in reference to the upgrade onto Invest but the point is still valid.

post 191.

When the upgrade happens, which it has now finally for all of us, the post seem to imply that the four features would be rolled out quickly as per Sam’s post.

True, but 90% of the market isn’t even available to us yet

Now we are all on the new platform when will the new stocks be added ?


Sneak peek at the most-requested 100 US stocks which will be in the 250 batch:

1 Virgin Galactic
2 Realty Income
3 Costco
5 Amarin
6 Waste Management
7 Roku
8 Altria
9 Sonos
10 Corning
11 Docusign
12 Skyworks
13 Trade Desk
14 Splunk
15 Brookfield
16 Southern Copper
17 Santander
18 Eventbrite
19 Iron Mountain
20 Jumia
21 ServiceNow
22 CrowdStrike
23 Zynga
24 Target
25 Tapestry
26 Hasbro
27 Philip Morris
28 Albemarle
29 Broadcom
30 Biogen
32 Farfetch
33 Accenture
34 MercadoLibre
35 Invesco
36 Wynn Resorts
37 Luckin Coffee
38 Harley-Davidson
39 Marvell Technology
40 SolarEdge
41 Liberty Media
42 NextEra
43 Zscaler
44 Peloton
45 Chipotle
46 Stitch Fix
47 Stratasys
48 MoneyGram
49 Alteryx
50 iQiyi
51 MongoDB
53 Workday
54 Cardinal Health
55 Hilton Worldwide
56 Monster
57 Anaplan
58 Constellation
59 Western Digital
60 Motorola Solutions
61 Frequency Thera.
62 Equinix
63 Xilinx
65 Cloudera
66 Cirrus Logic
67 CVS Health
68 Restaurant Brands
69 Moody’s
70 Markel
71 Morgan Stanley
72 Shake Shack
73 Church & Dwight
74 Illumina
75 Maxar Technologies
76 Live Nation
77 ScottsMiracle-Gro
78 Tyson Foods
79 Upwork
80 United Technologies
81 Zendesk
82 Bank OZK
83 SmileDirectClub
84 Align Technology
85 BNY Mellon
86 Cummins
87 Danaher
88 Equifax
89 Foot Locker
90 Fastly
91 General Mills
92 GameStop
93 Infosys
94 Intuitive Surgical
95 Invitae
96 Occidental
97 Phillips 66
98 State Street
99 Terraform Power
100 Tencent Music

Yes! I can’t wait!

Is this one still going to happen? :thinking: They have suspended trading since the 7th and currently being raided by the regulatory body in China!


Are you adding them in a batch? And when will they be added?

They are being added after fractionals are fully rolled out so end of May or start of June at the earliest :no_mouth:

NIO!!! I’m excited now :grinning:

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Surely AMAT made the cut?

I second that. I assume this won’t be added given that they 're essentially done? Defrauded billions.

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Has anyone come across this before?

Edit. Oh snap, I think I have fractional shares! Thank you so much freetrade xx

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I believe they’ve introduced a minimum order size of £2 as a temporary measure due to technical reasons with one of their partners. Ian (CTO) mentioned on the AMA last night

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I thought this (minimum order) would only apply to US shares, not UK shares as well.


It doesn’t actually let you buy fractional shares on UK stocks, you just get the same message displayed by the looks of it

You also can’t excuse an order on UK shares under the value of £2


Hi all, to keep a consistent trading experience across any market, we’re introducing a flat £2 minimum order size for both UK and US trades.

The message you’re seeing there @Pdw kicks in between £2 and £3 just to let you know it’s a little close to the minimum to avoid you getting into a situation where you can’t sell because the share price has dropped.


Thanks for the information Duncan. Much appreciated

Virgin Galactic
Morgan Stanley

Easily First ORDERS