Android bugs

4 bugs that are quite annoying seen on Android app.

  1. When I click on “You’ve received income” drop-down menu notification from dividends, the app doesn’t open and is stuck on pink background.

  2. The timeline graph on the home screen doesn’t show 1D graph (daily portfolio value graph). It’s just an empty graph.

  3. Above the graph that says loss/gain amount also doesn’t work. It shows the value difference since began investing, but the label says the gain/loss occurred today.

  4. Sometimes Sell and Buy buttons are greyed out. Have to force-restart the app to get them active again.


Want to add its the same with mine with TSLA (weirdly no other stock) it is on a delay, most of the day the graph for 1D is empty with just a gray line, and even now, on Tuesday, the 7D graph only shows up to last Friday.

Yep, same for me for many stocks. ‘Engineers are looking into it’.