Android - Incompatible with all my devices

  1. Unlocked bootloader has nothing to do with it. Your current ROM doesn’t pass SafetyNet checks.
  2. Download an app that check SafetyNet status, for example You can also check from Magisk Manager, if you have that installed.
  3. Both ctsProfie and BasicIntegrity checks have to succeed for Freetrade to work. Most custom roms based on LineageOS will fail the first test. If you want a custom rom, choose one that’s based of stock firmware.
  4. If you want root, flash Magisk and install Magisk Manager, then just select Freetrade in the Magisk Hide section. Works for me.

Just a quick update, we’re planning to relax our restrictions on Android phones next week, here’s some more details -

Hello everyone. I got Honor 8, Android 7, CTS certified. Freetrade still not availiable. Any suggestions on what to to check next?

Hi, have you checked the localisation of the play store? As far as I know it still limited to UK only.

As of today (and few hours back), my app doesn’t work. It says I “have to” update and play store says my device isn’t compatible and that I have to contact the developer.
Please could you avoid such massive “catch 22” situations when the app is only accessible though phone?
(Still don’t understand why web version isn’t supported. Seems a lot like a subjective non data based decision someone high up made and is too stubborn to stand down. Or I could have read too much into this haha).

I too can’t download the app,says device incompatible,mine is android version 8,play certificate is present.