Android is out 🤖 share your thoughts once you're up & running

Still waiting…is it me? Or wider system issues lol


That took ages for me and in the end I had to send a photo of my passport and driving license.

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Nice to know that there’s a deterrent for guessing the wrong PIN too many times! :yum: Time to setup my fingerprint :raised_hands:



Great App, simple to use and easy to buy/sell.
Like the portfolio, account , discover sections.

Charts need some improvements it’s bit confusing, can be more interactive :slight_smile:

Overall super app.


Really impressed with how slick and easy to use the app is. Haven’t initiated any positions yet so can’t comment on that aspect.

But very good first impression.

This has already been mentioned, a biometric authentication instead of passcode will be preferable.

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It’s great to hear that you like the app so far!

I’ve got some good news for you :grinning:

You can now login to the Android app with your fingerprint ☝

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Other than a technical issue processing orders, which also affected iOS users, the app has worked nigh-on flawlessly for me over the past week or two.

However, two things stop me from giving it a five-star Play Store review: one, the punitive Isa pricing model and, two, the lack of securities on offer.

As others have mentioned, the app is perhaps too basic in its functionality as well. For me, the dream would be some sort of Webull-Freetrade love child!

@weenie wrote a very helpful review of the app, now that she (finally) has access :raised_hands:


This is one of my favourite reviews. Thanks, @weenie!

Another thing I’m interested in, is seeing Freetrade added to Monevator’s broker comparison table – if I were a gambling woman, I’d put money on Freetrade being the cheapest!

We’ve emailed them to ask for inclusion, but that never happened. :slightly_frowning_face: This is probably a time we need community members’ help: please email Monevator to have Freetrade included in the comparison table. We’d love to be there!


Thanks for sharing my review, @alex.s :smile:

@Viktor - I believe the guys at Monevator were waiting for the app to be fully shipped before adding to their comparison table so I would say it should be added soon although as you say, a friendly reminder to them won’t do any harm! :slight_smile:


Android app is awesome so happy to have it. Wish you could slide over the graph of a stock so you could see past prices like coinbase.

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Congrats on the long anticipated release. Here are my thoughts:

  • the portfolio tab is confusing. Some positions appear on the plus, although they have gone down in the last session?!

  • the search function needs a filter also based on the share price. This is relevant especially until fractional share purchases become an option. Like if you have 10 pounds left to invest, you can’t consider Amazon, no matter how juicy that might sound.

  • an add to favourites or watchlist button

  • make the regular order default instead of the instant one. This is ‘freetrade’, right? :slight_smile:

Well done so far! Excited for the future!


Given that you can only have one S&S ISA per tax year, I wouldn’t waste that chance on a broker that wasn’t comprehensive in terms of offering all listed shares, at least UK and US. I’m guessing the reason for the restriction is the cost of all the market data before you get critical mass. That’s the classic agency problem, but I won’t be paying in until it’s fixed.

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I totally agree with this! Invested for the first time and just realised I paid for instant by mistake. Doh! :unamused:

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On the portfolio page, it would be nice to have more info, would like to see daily, weekly, monthly
gains and losses as percentage increase and in pounds and pence

Also, not sure why money I am holding as cash is showing in my portfolio total, I think it would be better just to show money I have invested on the portfolio page

need more stocks, wanted to buy some easy jet, but not available yet

need INSTANT bank transfers, I use sky sport betting app, any money i move into the sky sport betting app is available to use straight away

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Airlines require citizenship disclosure and Freetrade does not yet support that. Hopefully, will be resolved in due course :slight_smile:

Apple Pay/Android Pay are coming to smoothen that friction when you sign up.

However, the reason your betting up allows instant transfers is thanks to their fee structure that allows absorbing those expenses for you. Freetrade’s margins are expected to be relatively low, hence the avoidance of unnecessary costs (instant top up being one of them for now).

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what about more info on portfolio page, it would nice to able to see in real time. When I look at my portfolio, I have now idea if I am gaining or losing, please resolve this issue

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Trades in foreign currency should show the original and my currencies. Weekly account updates - i.e. Profit/loss % would be good after close of business each week. Seems slick generally though.

Thanks for these suggestions. Please check out the #ideas topics & vote for any others that you’d like us to add.

Just to explain, we display the all time gain / loss for each of your stocks in the portfolio tab. As the app is designed for long term investors, we believe it’s best to view daily price fluctuations in that content. We’ll make this clearer in the future :sparkles:

We update your portfolio value & the value of your investments as soon as we receive new prices.

We’ll definitely give you that overall total in the future. In the meantime, your portfolio graph should give you a rough sense of how the value of your portfolio is changing but it could be improved!