Android's on Assembly line

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Just noticed a phone icon :calling: on the top centre of my screen, on the left of the search icon.

Wondering what is it about I tap on it and I’m taken to a page that says

Android’s on Assembly line

I then open the app and everything seems to be working fine.

I wonder what the elves are up to :thinking:

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Elf here :elf: :wave:

Strange! If you have the app installed then it should just open it for you. Do you have the beta version of the Android app?

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Sorry forgot to say that the phone icon :calling: shows on the community forum page


Same thing is happening for me, the icon in forum takes me to the old app waiting page

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No worries, I guessed that, that was what you meant :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Same question -

Also, could either of you share a screenshot of the ‘Android’s on the Assembly line’ screen please?

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Just went to the play store and I think it’s safe to say I don’t have the beta version installed.

On another note Freetrade has now 4.7 stars on Google Play with 148 reviews. Well done


I had the beta prev.but followed the instructions as far as uninstalling etc when it was fully released


Looks like the forum is linking to

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I tried to upload a screenshot earlier but it would seem I’m incompetent to do so. Maybe I should get a course in London?

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The screenshot posted by @astonelesschip it’s exactly what I have too

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Thanks that really helps, we’ll do some investigating..

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We’ve found the cause :muscle: our engineers will fix this soon.

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Rather than create a new thread, thought I’d use this one.

There’s a bug on the android app too, if you click the phone button in the top menu of the forum, it takes you to a page saying Android development is still in the works, inside the Android app.

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Freetrade App Crashing - Super Slow
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Thanks Lewis, this bug’s been mentioned here so I’ve moved your post over.

I’ll remove the link for now until we’ve got this fixed.

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Down to 4.2 after another 1* review. :sweat:

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Curious. Just went there and on my phone says 4.7 but now with 149 reviews. I wonder why the difference

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Hmm… so… the elves really are up to something

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Odd. Still says 4.2 for me. I wonder which one is correct. :thinking:

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down to 4.6 with 149 reviews. I don’t get it.
One of them mysteries of life I guess