Android's on Assembly line

Just noticed a phone icon :calling: on the top centre of my screen, on the left of the search icon.

Wondering what is it about I tap on it and I’m taken to a page that says

Android’s on Assembly line

I then open the app and everything seems to be working fine.

I wonder what the elves are up to :thinking:


Elf here :elf: :wave:

Strange! If you have the app installed then it should just open it for you. Do you have the beta version of the Android app?

Sorry forgot to say that the phone icon :calling: shows on the community forum page

Same thing is happening for me, the icon in forum takes me to the old app waiting page

No worries, I guessed that, that was what you meant :slight_smile:

Thanks! Same question -

Also, could either of you share a screenshot of the ‘Android’s on the Assembly line’ screen please?

Just went to the play store and I think it’s safe to say I don’t have the beta version installed.

On another note Freetrade has now 4.7 stars on Google Play with 148 reviews. Well done



I had the beta prev.but followed the instructions as far as uninstalling etc when it was fully released


Looks like the forum is linking to

I tried to upload a screenshot earlier but it would seem I’m incompetent to do so. Maybe I should get a course in London?

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The screenshot posted by @astonelesschip it’s exactly what I have too


Thanks that really helps, we’ll do some investigating..

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We’ve found the cause :muscle: our engineers will fix this soon.


Rather than create a new thread, thought I’d use this one.

There’s a bug on the android app too, if you click the phone button in the top menu of the forum, it takes you to a page saying Android development is still in the works, inside the Android app.

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Thanks Lewis, this bug’s been mentioned here so I’ve moved your post over.

I’ll remove the link for now until we’ve got this fixed.

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Down to 4.2 after another 1* review. :sweat:

Curious. Just went there and on my phone says 4.7 but now with 149 reviews. I wonder why the difference

Hmm… so… the elves really are up to something

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Odd. Still says 4.2 for me. I wonder which one is correct. :thinking:

down to 4.6 with 149 reviews. I don’t get it.
One of them mysteries of life I guess