Anglo American plc ⛏ (AAL) Share Chat

I kick myself every time i see anything about Thung.
I sold my shares after getting 4.50£ ish per share 200+% rise as it started to drop quite alot after that.
Then stopped checking when it started back up again i bought in at 1.11£ too so id be quids in.
I do agree with you, if id have stayed in, id be really struggling with knowing where and when to sell.
I’ve never made more than 200 ish % so i honestly don’t know what id do lol
Nice issue to have though lol

Bit if a drop today :frowning: have ppl been selling?

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I was thinking the same, first time it’s dropped since I’ve had shares with them

What’s happening with Thungela at the mo. It’s never dropped as much as it currently is?

Loving it :heart_eyes:
The only thing propping me up
Only hope BEN can follow soon

Anyone had their dividend yet? Payment date was Monday.

There is another recent post on this re Dividend Payment. Due on 23 May in U.K.