Annual Tax Certificate or Annual Report

They are aware of it and are actively working on it.

In the meantime you can request a CSV from Customer services of your activity history like I did for tax purposes which will do for now.

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Wondered if there’s an update on this one please? I need to open a GIA but reluctant to use Freetrade for that account without this feature. Is there a thread where new features priority / progress is tracked? Thanks

Have a look here Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?

also i believe you can request transaction data in csv from support when needed at the moment.

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Hi @freetrade, any update here?

NB. The post linked above is useful, but seems to be focused on really complicated reports in CSV and PDF format which are potentially overkill for an annual income summary that might be required for a tax return.


Hi team,

Has there been any progress on this?


Are there still anyone here checking back on this thread regularly waiting for the progress like me…? Getting a bit restless not being able to get a basic tax certificate. Not sure what I’m supposed to do when it comes to tax return :confused:
Any update from the team would be massively appreciated.

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Having just received my first CSV file I am a little concerned about how I’m going to produce a tax return. Especially given we’ve got fractional trades into the mix it just confuses the whole thing. It’s going to be a nightmare.

I can only reiterate what other people have said and make a plea to @freetrade to comment on this. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been asking Freetrade about this for a while but can see little or no improvement. I’m a shareholder so don’t like to see something I believe in failing in such a basic area - other platforms (eg HL, ii) generate an annual tax statement at the click of a button!


+1 thread, although I won’t be hitting the £2k div allowance i still want to have evidence of that in some tax statement format. thanks.

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I agree this need to be added. But what is making the self assessment so difficult? fractional shares should not matter. Just find all the dividends and put them in the box. You may need to find out how much is foreign (US) income but that is easy enough from the CSV file.

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If it was just dividends I need to worry about then you are totally right it wouldn’t be a problem, but trying to calculate CGT on selling shares can get quite tricky.

Currently I’m desperately trying to avoid making changes to my portfolio which could complicate calculating CGT (e.g. bed and breakfast rule, avoid selling then buying shares at a later date, etc…) - which seems pretty ridiculous. I can try to walk through a full example attempting to calculate it if you like to fully explain if I’m not making it clear, but as a quick example: you buy 1234.567 shares at £1, then buy another 7654.321 shares at £1.10, these create a section 104 holding, you then sell 456.225 shares at £1.50, and buy 643.122 shares £1.40, then sell them all at £1.60. What is the capital gains? It’s difficult.

Speaking to the current CSV that’s provided, it really doesn’t help that the way the data is presented is unhelpful.

  • The quantity of the shares purchased / sold is only presented in the details field (not in it’s own column).
  • Stock name / ticker is again in the details field, not in it’s own column.
  • Stamp duty is not listed in a column with the transaction, but on a separate line so you have to manually match which duty / fee matches what transaction. Not impossible to figure out, but just far more complicated than it should be.

I’ve not had any dividends into my GIA yet, only my ISA, and noticed that they didn’t appear on my March statement for the ISA. Scrolling through the transactions is pretty painful as I buy a little amount every day to dollar cost average, so it would be nice to just have this information available.

Even if this is supported for the GIA, there are situation where you’d also need to know the dividends and CGT in an ISA too - for instance, if you move to the US midway through a tax year, you’d become liable for tax on all worldwide income in the part of the tax year when you were still resident here.

You only need to worry about capital gains if it goes over the allowance, and if you are over the allowance (or close to it) then consider an ISA, that way you don’t have to report anything.

In the case you have a maxed ISA AND a GIA over the allowance limit, then I agree that would be a pain but at that point I would hope you’d be tracking transactions more closely. I use Sharesight which is a paid service but generates the sold securities reports for me even though I’ve never had to put any stock gains in the CGT box.

Of course, none of this would actually be required if they just let us export all our data as CSV. We could easily load it into Excel and calculate anything we wanted from it.

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Hi David,

Which Sharesight package do you use?


I use the one above the starter plan, the starter plan is quite restricitve (only one portfolio and like 20 stocks). I have 3 separate portfolios and have 50+ holdings so the basic one doesn’t work for me, also the benchmarking feautre is amazing imo. I think they all do the tax income report and the sold securities report though.

Hi @freetrade,

Can you provide an update on this? Can we expect this for the 2020/21 tax year?



Does not even need to be in app. Could just be am email with PDF attachement, or an http url to download the PDF. I should prefer the former.