Apex Technology Acquisition Corp (APXT) Share Chat*

:pensive: think the ship has sailed for Max returns

Was hoping this would have been up!

Let down

I got it 212 with a delay…but I’m up can’t complain ready for Monday.

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Any update to whether this will be added? May have missed the first spike, but still want in for long…

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Any update on this?

Want this added please!


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How has this not been added yet :sweat_smile:

Any update on when and if this will be added?

Need an update on this please @sampoullain

1 week later - @sampoullain any update on this please you guys are killing us out here…need Freetrade to step up

@Fc111aao been over a month since requesting it. Sorta given up with it now :man_shrugging:t3:

Pretty please can we’re have this one @sampoullain @Viktor - another thread just started on this baby.

Still waiting for this one… Freetrade need to catch up with adding stocks


Bump - this is a big miss on FT @Viktor

Can you please add

Apxt - Apex technology
Zom - zomedica

When the market return this sleeping giant will run up fast! Buy more time!

This is now live on your app!