App constantly crashing


Is there anything i can do to stop the FT app from constantly crashing?

It does it pretty much 100% of the time.

Many thanks.

Hi Franky
What phone do you have?

It’s a Wiley Fox…A U.K. made phone.

Any chance you can post the version of Android you are running along with your Wileyfox phone model (Swift 2 X, Spark +, etc)?

Should be able to help the team to debug.

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It’s a Swift 1 and the android version is 7.1.1

I’ve got an iPhone XS and it’s been extremely buggy lately, especially when switching between my GIA and ISA accounts.

I’m running it on a Swift 2 X Android 8.1.0 and don’t have any issues with it. I’ll see if I have a Swift 1 knocking about still to test.

Thank you Chris, that would be great. I really don’t want to have to do a reinstall in case that creates more problems such as signing in.

Hi Franky, I’ve had a look and can’t find the older model :confused:

I imagine support will suggest a reinstall which isn’t ideal. You could try restarting the device if you haven’t already?

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Mine is crashing all the time. Problem is there’s no point in reporting it because I’m using a Fire 10 HD so I already know what the answer will be. However, it was working perfectly until one of the updates a few weeks back so I guess something changed.

What also happens now is a problem displaying price information for US shares in list mode and on the summary page after buying / selling. I’m guessing the two are related as this wasn’t happening before neither. Uninstall / reinstall made no difference.

I’ve tried something that’s a possible solution.

I’ve uninstalled a load of apps on my phone that i don’t really use. I’m assuming FT is quite memory intensive.

It seems to have made it a lot more stable so far but early days… Try giving that a go on your phone.