App keeps crashing/resetting

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


@Andy23 @AllanC19 welcome to the community! Not heard of this before, but support are great so get in contact with them via the below Freetrade email (assume you can’t use the in chat app functionality). I’ve also included a link below to help with issues/questions you may have as a new user.

Email address:

Links that may help new users if they have any issues.


Thanks for your reply.

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This is happening to me :upside_down_face:

Instead of flagging my issue with the app as spam I’d appreciate help from Freetrade support to access my account and funds.

How long does it usually take after emailing them?


Yeh I concur. Disappointed that my post was highlighted as Spam. Haven’t been able to access my ISA since Thursday.

Any update tech team?

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Posts are marked as Spam on the community by virtue of another community member flagging it, it’s not Freetrade doing it. So either the person/s in question find something spammy about your post or they’re doing it maliciously.

From memory if you are trying to login then it should ask you for a registered email address; if it doesn’t recognise the email as linked to an account it will assume you are a new user and will take you through the sign-up flow. It could end up stuck in that flow, in which case a delete of the app alongside a purge of any data it may have stored, followed by a reboot and reinstall should restore you. That’s anecdotal from other posts I’ve seen on here, by all means have a search to see.

An important point to note is that it’s not necessary to “log out” from the app, you can just exit it normally; if you set up the biometric login then you can re-start the app and provided you pass that check you’re back in, no emails needed. I haven’t needed to use a magic link email for a good year or more.

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I think that was the issue that put me into this death spiral. I ‘signed out’ as I do with other accounts regarding money. This then threw me back to the sign up screen and it just asks me to create a new account. I’ve uninstalled multiple times. I’ll try purging installed data but I’m not hopeful. Thanks for the advice.

There “should” be an option to login as well as sign up when you first run the Freetrade app, but if you click the sign up I think it just gets locked in that mode, never to exit, so you can’t login. The purge of data should resolve that, but do let us know how you get on.

It’s not just a sign up screen. Enter your email attached to your account and you’ll get a verification email to login with.

Yes. It’s an absolutely moronic design.

There isn’t it’s just one page asking for an email.

It’s really bad design

The whole process is painful and bad

Ahh right, apologies, it’s been a while!

So in that case is entering the correct email address the issue here?

Yeah all you need to do is use the same email you signed up with

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It’s just unfortunate that the text on those screens imply a sign-up flow, and not a login flow. No wonder people are being confused.

The thing is when you use the email that you used to sign up with it directs you
to the “magic link”. When you click the magic link it then sends you to the page to sign-up for an account (ISA or general). Purging, rebooting, deleting the app and turning off the phone doesn’t work…

This has been since Thursday (and on and off since last weekend) :pensive:

You need to click the link on your phone not on another computer

Im confused…

I have been doing it all on my phone :frowning:

Just reading from the way you said it it sounded like you were checking email from another device. Which others have done before and it doesn’t work

The app also has to be installed. Then clicking the link should open the app, unless you’ve got something disabled that stops links from opening apps

When posts are flagged, the flaggers should be visible. I’m amazed that someone decided to flag the first two posts rather than offer help.