App keeps crashing this morning

Does anybody else has this problem, or is it just my old phone?

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There is a problem with Android this morning, known issues. You can Uninstall Updates for Android System Webview, to get it working whilst they fix the problem. BUT DO NOT UNINSTALL THE APP!

Thanks! Hopefully they fix the issue soon.

Appears ok on mine but I have not installed the 09 March update yet.
Did a bank transfer this morning that went through in a few minutes!

I cant even open my app…just insta crashes

Update webview from the android app store - that should resolve it.


My app doesn’t even get out of the black screen when trying to open…hope this is resolved soon


Didn’t install any updates but it still doesn’t open :roll_eyes: Luckily I don’t have to buy or sell anything :rofl: Hopefully it didn’t cause money loss to anyone! :scream:

I also didn’t install any updates and it broke last night. I went to apps and uninstalled Android WebView or something like that and it fixed it.
Apparently though, official fix is rolling out

No not just your problem. It was happening to me as well. I deleted my app and reinstalled which has made things worse as I now cannot access my account, and the app keeps asking me to set up as a new user instead. Have tried finding advice on what to do but cant find anything yet!

I disabled the chrome app under settings > apps and found that worked as Android Systems Webview fix mentioned isn’t enabled on my phone

Hi, Have they indicated a time frame for fixing this?

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