App Login Security


I’ve just signed up and I’m slightly uncomfortable with the install and login process, a verification link to my email address doesn’t feel very secure, are there any additional security features e.g. 2FA, SMS alerts, limit logins to your Apple/Google ID?

If someone did gain access to your Freetrade account, what could they actually do? sell all your stock and buy junk instead?


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There is no additional layer of security. But you already listed the maximum damage someone could do. You wouldn’t lose your money to anyone since withdrawals can only be done to your linked account.


I don’t have an issue with it using a magic link by email for login. Just make sure both your email password is secure and has MFA enabled.

It would be great to have MFA on Freetrade but you can still use a magic link.

With your bank accounts being linked, it’s unlikely anyone is going to be able to take your funds unless a) they also gain access to your bank, and b) they are willing to wait days for the withdrawal to arrive and you haven’t noticed or contacted your bank.

Malicious actors don’t usually just access and account to play foul (e.g. selling good stocks and buying rubbish ones) as it’s a lot of effort for zero gain.

Weighing up the risk, I think it’s sufficiently secure to start off, but can be hardened even further.


Beat me to it! I saw you typing. :grin:


This is a huge concern for me.