App no longer getting any improvements?

What your post underlines is that there are many HL customers who don’t need HL. I mean it is obvious that there many things that HL provides that FT doesn’t. A trivial example is the stock universe. But that doesn’t matter unless you care about those things.

What you describe sounds to me like a great justification for FT to avoid crypto!

Why would FT want to spend resources on developing a crypto offering for little return? That isn’t a great opportunity but a diversion from getting their primary purpose better.


What’s Freetrade’s primary purpose / business model?

Also if FT gets involved with crypto, why not get involved in futures, options and heck why not?? Why not do CFD’s as well.

Of course most know I don’t support any of these on freetrade, despite having a small holding in BTC.

The only trading platforms that have crypto is E-TORO and revolut.*

E-TORO and Trading 212, Plus 500, and CMC markets have CFDs*

*From what I know, happy to stand corrected.

Freetrade appears to pride itself as a platform that is beginner investor freindly, I think once crypto or any of the other things I have discussed in the post are completely unsuitable for beginner investors and for this reason I support freetrade in not adding support for not only crypto, but any of what’s been mentioned.


To get rich or die trying


Before this becomes a crypto thread it’s probably best to take the conversation to the correct place

This thread should be for whinging about FT not having some feature that you feel they should have prioritised to the detriment everything else /s

If offering crypto is part of the goal then providing wallet and key support is a must. Seeing as FT is all about providing opportunities for safe and long term investing, offering crypto without that goes against it completely.

Coinbase fees are actually quite cheap if you buy on coinbase pro. Just fund your account and send it over to coinbase pro. A lot of people are still unaware of this. Also if you buy with PayPal you don’t have ownership over your coins, PayPal does.


I’m still surprised that many of the “sophisticated investors” that complain about Coinbase fees, don’t know about Coinbase pro.

I don’t day trade shares, but with coinbase pro, I do dabble in the fluctuations of the ETH/BTC ratio, something that can only be done because of the small fees.

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The rate should be 0.50%-1%

Moving on from crypto.

One thing I’d genuinely like to see is proxy voting in company and AGMs etc.

I’ve had people say, ‘do you really think your vote on 20 shares in £ULVR or 15 shares in $PG will make much difference’.

I say probably not.

But it’s nice to be asked and it forms part of the overall shareholder experience.


Me too and I also agree the software improvements on the app are very very slow. I have over 50k in my FT plus account portfolio and I want specific changes that wouldn’t take long to make.

Someone needs to get their dev teams in some sprints, get the devs on some tickets and start churning out some work. It’s like thr app has stood still in 6 months. This sounds harsh but it is true.


Also I feel that if FT ever does add crypto, it should prioritise things related to stocks first.

Proxy voting, UK REITs in ISAs, and nationality declaration stocks should absolutely come first in the priority list in my book. EU expansion as well (which I know is underway).

I’ve reluctantly, and very reluctantly at that, come to accept the fact that one day freetrade may add crypto support. But please get the basics in regards to stocks looked after first.


Don’t forget JISA, LISA & Autopilots


Maybe the Dev Ops team need to be fully open in regards to where they are at.

I know this has been a large critique of Trading 212.

Some say it’s the fact it’s run by Bulgarians and many suspect there is a cultural difference between what might be seen as good customer service (communication) in Bulgaria and the UK*.

*These are the observations of other people by the way.

Ocra which I’m a member of can be pretty slow on communication from the Dev Ops team as well.

Some are definitely worse than freetrade for communication from the Dev Ops team, but freetrade could also improve as well.

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I think the main problem here is that Freetrade was unexpectedly swamped at the beginning of the year due to memestocks so had to redirect resources towards support and infra (the latter being invisible to the end user). Everything would have been put on hold for at least a month or two. And this is not to mention remote work adjustments.

Simultaneously however, it has been clear for a while now that the Freetrade has had at least some growing pains in terms of engineering, and the quest to find a CTO didn’t pan out as planned. Hopefully this has simmered and a good structure is in place.

As CTO of a comparable startup at a later stage of growth and profitability, two things stand out to me: firstly, the seeming inability to multitask on a broad scale engineering-wise, and related; the quest for perfection.

To get the multitasking aspect out of the way: Marketing-wise, there is no issue here. Support has been coming together also. This is strictly in terms of engineering. Freetrade is a private company and it is unclear from outsiders (including shareholders big or small) the human resources available. In terms of engineering, we could be 5 developers strong or we could be 50. As described above, a lot of work on code and infra is invisible. But it has become painstakingly clear to those of us who follow Freetrade closely that groups (or worse, the majority) of developers are working together with one single goal/focus, from one huge project to the next. From my point of view, the platform is a little early in its lifecycle to commit to a waterfall-type workflow, when the team should be sprinting towards goals one hurdle at a time, tackling smaller projects as individuals, using tests in place of QA to ensure universal operability, and releasing early versions of the bigger vision.

Concerning the quest for perfection: it is a noble one. No director wants to demo a shoddy product, no Chief of Marketing wants its users to have a less-than-wow onboarding experience, and no Chief of Design wants a less than round corner with a less than 25% alpha gaussian blur drop shadow. But to be a startup is to move rapidly at the expense of perfection. It is to seek stopgap solutions which roughly match the bigger visions, to be fleshed out or completely overhauled along the line. When it comes to bugs and imperfections, users (including late adopters) are extremely forgiving – in some cases, scarily so. Earlier in my career I had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside the man who is now CEO of Japan’s biggest pre-exit unicorn. He always repeated the phrase: “Done is better than perfect.” It got annoying to hear it repeated, but he consistently delivered exceptional results which led to massive company-wide growth. These words are now gospel to me, and I hope others can learn from them too.

Peering through the window from the outside, Freetrade appears to be a marketing-first company. At this stage however it feels that Freetrade should be an engineering-first company. Or at least half way between the two. I hope that into the New Year we inch closer to that.

Ultimately, I am not Adam Dodds and I respect the Freetrade mission and journey. These are just my two cents. Things have come so far and I applaud the team and leadership for its efforts and achievements.


Great post :clap::clap:


It sounds like Freetrade wants to make all the many improvements which people want but the problems is trying to please everyone all of the time as well as international launches and crypto is nigh on impossible.

You only have to look at the careers page Careers on Freetrade and the number of vacancies they have. Trying to atrract the best talent in the middle of a pandemic surely can’t be easy.

I hope someone gets this job soon

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Good post @heytokyo much of what you say resonates with me too as a (former) CTO of a startup and someone who has led work across global teams in a number of companies.

One additional thing that I will add is that there some people who come on here and say “I think X should happen”. They don’t consider the fact that their X might be of zero interest to many people and/or may directly conflict with other goals (be those design or otherwise). They also don’t consider that they may have started investing in the past Z days and they may stop investing in another three. To put it bluntly their idea might actually be rubbish even if a handful of people on this forum say “me too”.

There is an article that I cut out from the Sunday Times Money section 14 of November titled “what became of the lockdown share traders”. It gives some fascinating numbers and insight into change in behaviour (e.g. how at etoro there was a peak of 210 million share trades in the first three months this year and that dropped to 127 million in the next three months. … still more than double the first three months 2020). The wild swings in share trading and the overall increase has a consequence on all of these companies including the gorilla in the arena. Now imagine growing up in this era. And if you have worked at a startup you will really understand.