App no longer getting any improvements?

The year is 2053. Freetrade have added just JISAs to the platform but your children are now in their 30s so this is pointless. The LISA feature that you had hoped for is promised for 2054 but all houses in what’s left of the UK are now owned by just 3 people and there’s nothing left for you to buy anyway.

The app now lets you do an export for tax purposes however 100% of your income is taken in tax to fund cheese and wine parties in Downing Street.

You sigh and close the app. It could be worse, you could have the investing success of Cash Cow.

You go to bed and as your head hits the pillow you smile, remembering that you still have the autopilot feature to look forward to in 2096.


But at least I will have my Round 32 badge


Position screen doesn’t seem to work on my ISA, showing the no chart available message, guessing it’ll be some data processing in the background taking a bit of time to go over everyones data.
Cleared storage and cache on the app.

But does work in the GIA and SIPP.

Good to see the improvements, no matter how small incremental change/s snowballs nicely into the future.

Do you know if there is any exposure to copper please?

Should probably be on copper thread, but this topic came up on IC this week. Three companies described and I have one on FT.

Can’t access I’m afraid but thanks for the link. I have put a request for Copper funds below. Could you suggest them under my post please @dscraggs ?

Hi @woodyblade you’ll need to update your app. If you’ve done that close the app & restart your phone.

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Finally releasing a feature they’ve been working on for at least 6 months :man_facepalming:

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Doesn’t work for me either and I’ve reset phone and checked app isn’t trying to update. I’m using Android. Hopefully it will appear later.

Try the web app. Oh wait… never mind


I’ve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live underwater and your great, great, great granddaughter Is pretty fine. Also she just got the web version of Freetrade a few weeks ago.


No luck unfortunately after clearing cache again and restarting phone.

The Position screen/data displays for the GIA and SIPP, just no data shown for ISA at the moment, which makes me think it’s not a device issue but some data processing still going on, be alright sure it’ll pop up at some point.

Cheers :+1:

Remember this song - The Year 3000

Yes, can see it for my ISA on Samsung S10 5G Android as well as the GIA

Sick tune!!! Heard it in the club last Saturday. I’m a 90s kid so it’s my era growing up.

Dutch stocks have landed for anyone that is interested.

:slightly_smiling_face: Cheeky! Slipping those new stocks in under the radar…

I did not even notice it until I saw your comment

No fanfare like with the Finnish or German ones

Yes there was fanfare, but it was a bit later in the day.

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@Chris5 Doesn’t look like it. I have a Plus account, and yes it provides some additional stocks, but not the exotic or complex kind you are referring to.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The Dale Winton reference really tickled me