App no longer getting any improvements?

It seems to include what you have already sold. I’ve emptied my GIA, it currently shows £0.00, up by £4731 since you began investing :laughing:


But what use is a graph that just keeps shooting up forever purely because you regularly deposit money in. It tells you nothing about your investment performance. The graph just tells you that you’re putting money in constantly which I already know.


That’s what I want to see on the front page. the growth of my total portfolio, whether that growth comes from deposits or share price growth

You can see your investment performance in insights

In the case I’ve posted above where I’ve emptied my account, your way the graph would still be going up


Is by definition what happens to your investment. Your investment is anything you put into the investment account. The cash pile goes up and down with dividends and or sales and purchases. Investment growth is about total portfolio.

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Is there a road map for this year?

This is how a competitor visualises portfolio history:

Dotted line is funding history ( out and in ), non-dotted current portfolio value.


Which platform is that from? That is much better than what we currently have on FT and all it is is an extra dotted line.

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Think Manhattan dialling code.

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Trading 212

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They don’t share roadmaps anymore.

Last year we know they were targeting EU stocks, EU expansion and Crypto - since none of these were delivered it’s safe to assume they are the focus areas still.

If you keep your fingers crossed you could get an Easter themed icon for the app as a special surprise too.


Im still using the Christmas themed icon :laughing:


You don’t see the average in the FX currency only the GBP. I really want the average in the FX currency under the GBP so I don’t have to do the maths myself. Yes the currency changes all the time but some figure when purchased OR at a specific timestamp would be helpful.


I have :
a) invested for a long time
b) value functionality
…but wonder what is meant by “simplicity”.

It it means using plain English, avoiding jargon and acronyms (or at least adding a tool-tip explanation), then let’s have “simplicity”.

Unfortunately, in the hands of web-designers “simplicity” is too often interpreted as “visual simplicity” - which in turn is translated into a minimalist UI.

Thus many useful navigation details get removed in an effort to look “cool” amongst their designer pals.
Colours gets dropped in favour of a limited corporate palette - thus removing distinctive navigation.
Borders get dropped - so the User doesn’t know what is an active link and what is passive content - with uncertainty about where to aim/click.

In short, their navigation is like road signs, black on white, no border - in a snowy landscape.
And unhelpful “simplicity” !

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Yes, I have issue with this too. And not being able to zoom the chart means that any large deposit, withdrawal or split results in the usually subtle movements of the day/week/month or even year, being undetectable.

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What FT should do - which I doubt they will. Ship a statistics product for desktop. So a desktop package (it could be written
.Net framework c#/wpf has nice controls) something similar as webull (grids / real-time updating / live data /floors / ceilings).

I understand its not for day trading but more detailed data is required for long hold investing.

So much is lacking, better / more detailed data, ways to analyses support lines with charts. All the app is good for is purchasing and selling.


Looking forward to the filters coming :smiley::slightly_smiling_face:


This is what I’ve been hoping for for a couple of years. I think tbh the issues are they’re not an early startup anymore, they have to focus resources on getting revenues, and the way they do that is new markets and ISA style subscriptions. This is only what T212 did when they started 10 years ago and focused on CFDs. If FT had surplus money and devs, they could fine tune the app but they’re scrambling to get into markets before Trade Republic etc take them all. We think in weeks, they think in years. Look back at the forum posts before plus was released, so much anger at the lack of live pricing, order types and instant deposits, now we’re just asking what’s next :joy:.

Also most people have multiple brokers, it’s just sensible.


Trade Republic are only available in Germany. They are coming soon in other EU countries though.

As I’ve said previously on another thread, only so much excitement can be achieved while something is in the coming soon stage

I think freetrades biggest competitor on the domestic market is Trading 212, hands down.

Remember freetrade still isn’t available to users in other countries as at present.

212 offers a large number of EU markets to UK and European customers. And unlike Trade Republic, 212 is available in many countries both inside and outside of the EU.

Thus I maintain that Trading 212 is freetrades biggest competitor with etoro being a 2nd runner up.

I find freetrade seems to put itself against legacies in its own publications but I’m reluctant to see it this way.

I see freetrade, 212 and etoro along with a handful of others in a similar league in the same way easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air are in a similar league.


Maybe add better data as part of the plus offering. Stake has this in stake black for a similar price to freetrade plus.

Yes some will say why bother, when you can do your research on yahoo finance and then come back later to do the trade.

But for those who want a one stop shop kinda affair, this is the best way forward.

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Got to admit the lack of usable data and reporting and statement generation is starting to become an increasing problem for me. The fast that the last we heard anything about it was from a now ex employee working on something in their spare time isn’t good.

Freetrades more advantages fee structure is what’s been keeping me here. But basic platform features still being missing is really starting to become grating. I’ve entertained the thought recently of transferring all my accounts bar the GIA which would mean freetrade only getting the 0.45% Fx fees from me going forward