App not working - Google Cloud now fixed. ✅

I think this is the third time that a glitch in the app has cost me money.
Outside of these very frustrating incidents things are quite smooth. Apart from the mysterious last second shift in pricing.

I remember the last time this happened Freetrade offered Plus subscribers a free month. Well after today’s issue a free year would not come close to what this may well cost me.

I’d be interested to know what platforms other people use as a back up as I really do need A more stable app based trading system.

Yep, when it goes wrong it goes very wrong. Support is nonexistent, just platitudes and automatic nonsense. I’m increasingly nonplussed and looking to transfer elsewhere.



We’re very sorry again that this has happened and understand the frustration.

We’ve been impacted by a GCP outage which we are continuing to try and work around:



Our service is restoring and app balances are now starting to update.

Once again, our sincere apologies.


“starting to update”? Over an hour (edit for clarity: since your ‘fixed’ update, it’s been longer than that in total): not yet and likely not for a while. The lack of meaningful support, the complete lack of any contingency and an app that will just repeat is just a taste of the main issues.

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Thanks for the information. Having seen the back up protocols and systems in place for other time critical systems I’m surprised Freetrade appear to have all their eggs in one basket. When it’s right it’s lovely to use but when it falls over It has the potential to be catastrophic. As it stands I’m just missing hundreds of pounds, missed an important transaction window and lost at least a weeks income.

I hope it goes down more often, my portfolio went up a fair amount in the time it was down :rofl:


I still have money missing.

I still have money missing as well

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Hi everyone

An update on the issue.

Due to yesterday’s extreme weather conditions, our third-party provider experienced overheating within some of their European data centres.

This impacted a number of businesses, including us, and resulted in discrepancies with some customers’ cash balances and delays allocating cash to their Freetreade accounts.

Our engineering team worked through the night (both in the UK and also our team in Brisbane) to resolve this issue, and this is now resolved for all customers.

Please reach out to our customer service team if you believe your in-app balance is still wrong:

Our apologies again for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks for the update. I got the same message (word for word) via the app, email and twitter DM. Glad the issue appears to have been resolved but there was no mention in any of these channels that a contingency plan has been put in place to ensure this does not become a regular ‘feature’ of Freetrade.

That’s right, things go very wrong when they go wrong. The customer support is completely lacking, offering nothing but platitudes and nonsense that is automatically generated.It’s getting harder and harder for me to deal with this situation and I’m looking for a transfer.

I attempted to take things further but was told it was resolved ‘same day’ so there is no real issue. It was actually the following day and when I mentioned this they said they meant ‘within a day’ so the statement stands.

An entire day lost trading at a critical time caused some grief but not to worry. I don’t have to pay for the pro subscription this month. I probably need to remind myself what it is I’m paying for.

It’s little instances like this with mis-communication and automated narratives that has me wondering if I should be trusting Freetrade with my money. What happens if something big happens? Can I expect it all to suddenly feel more professional?

I was told the next step is to contact the ombudsmen but I shall chalk this up to a growing company not having contingency plans in place and still yet to train staff as to what to do when things go wrong. Fingers crossed for the future.

The SIPS became free today. I was about to take one out but I’ll not risk it. If Freetrade regain my trust I’ll think about it.