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Just a comment on AI, it’s not a product, it’s a tool. It’s like a housebuilding company saying that they use the best hammers. It does however take a high skill level to be able to use it.

I’m only saying this as I’ve started learning about AI myself and have come to realise this.

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AI is not even a tool, it’s a whole field of study inside Computer Science.
When companies say “AI”, they generally mean a subset of it called Machine Learning, which again is a broad collection of techniques.

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Absolute monster of a stock.

Which British company is that?

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Astrazeneca, since Shell and BP were hit by the oil price


Indeed. £111.40 bn market cap.

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They’ve also announced a stock spilt - is this good or bad?

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Good, you will buy more shares, but fundamental value wont change.

Holy crap just read the news on Apple 4 to 1 split! it is goooood! it means if you didnt have any Apple stocks before you could buy new at around $100 depending how it ended end of August as after hours it has risen to $400 - You get dividends per quarter, and watch it grow in the coming years! I will be investing into them again!

Some info on the stock split.

The stock split really should not affect your investment decisions. $400 = $100 x 4. Nothing has changed. With the current working of Freetrade fractional shares, it can’t make any difference, you can only buy dollar amounts.


Lowers overall price so more investors can get in = stock will go up.

All current investors get 4x the shares and can ride the growth wave back up from ~$100 a share.

24th August -

Curious how will Freetrade handle the stock split?

I’m surprised they’re doing this given the availability of fractional shares, but I’m not surprised because of the amount of interest it creates. I wonder which companies will follow suit and spilt stocks.


Stock splits are now largely completely irrelevant owing to the widespread availability of fractional shares.

The stock split by Apple (whilst Amazon is happy to have shares priced at over $3,000 each) has much more to do with Apples place in the Dow Jones 30. This index is calculated on a price weighted basis (not market capitalisation weighted like almost all other indexes) so as Apple shares grow in value they become a much larger part of the index.

I’m still new to stock splits. Does this mean FT will add these shares to my account? I hold a small number.

Yes each share will become 4 and will be worth exactly 25%. So nothing changes for you except the number of shares you hold.


hi i’m also new to stock splits. does that mean if i buy apple now i’ll be eligible for the split or is it only current holders? Thanks

If you buy now until the 24th August close business date - the current shareholders will have the stock split then on the 31st August the stock price will drop and get adjusted.