Apple Pay limit?

I’ve recently paid in £250 using the Apple Pay method using another bank account that’s not linked to my Freetrade account

But now if I want to add more money it’s not letting me to do?
How do I fix this?


There is nothing to fix, it’s by design.

Adding money should be done through your linked bank account.

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Does that mean I can’t add money via Apple Pay again?

Also is there a way of linking 2 bank accounts to the account?

Nope, a maximum of £250.00 over the lifetime.

As for the account, you should only deposit from the linked account. From reading the help centre articles, it indicates that payments from non-linked bank accounts will not be accepted and you would need to contact Freetrade to sort that out.

I see as I managed to deposit the £250 the only reason I ask is I have 2 bank accounts and most of my money is in the second account which I tried to pay via Apple Pay and there is no way for me to link this bank account on this account

In what sense? Is it because you have already linked the first account? In which case contact them and ask them to move the linked account from one to the other. Or is there another reason?

Usually you can transfer money between bank accounts fairly easily, most UK banks have faster payments between them so it’s instant, transfer the money to your FT linked account then transfer to FT…?

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