Apple Watch Feature List (Polling)

(James Drake) #1

Apple Watch Feature
In my spare time, I’m designing Freetrade on Apple Watch. I’m in no way affiliated with the folks at Freetrade, I believe we share the same country and fondness on bold colour choices and that’s a bit it.

What would you guys like to see while out and about and on the go via your watch.

These will be primary focus points.

  1. Activity (with notifications)
  2. Portfolio
  3. Account (Basic features)


This is going to be unhelpful sorry, but I’d only want

  • total current portfolio value
  • total growth
  • And no detail at all. No green and red ticks that twitch up and down and show me real time changes in price etc. No prices, no trading, no freetrade account management.

But I’m not a trader (and don’t have an Apple Watch) so :man_shrugging:

(James Drake) #3

No answer is unhelpful.

Thank you for helping out. Saying what you wouldnt like to see is just as important as saying what you would like to see. I have a lot of learning to do :slight_smile:


Great to see that there is support for this in the community.

What information I would like to see for the main app:

  • A list of investments with individual day gain/loss (£ and %)
  • Total portfolio day gain/loss (£ and %)
  • Status of queued/recent orders

I also think a widget for the watch-faces will be very useful. This could show:

  • Total portfolio day gain/loss (£ and %)
  • Select an individual investment to show in the widget


I think the design tension the Watch app would need to somehow resolve (and indeed Freetrade itself) is that its customers are very roughly split into frequent traders and gradual accumulators, who may have very different needs. It feels like there are many of the former in this forum, but I don’t know how many in the wider Freetrade userbase. (I’m one of the latter).

One way to resolve it would be to ignore one of these groups and just do what the other one needs :slight_smile: Or maybe just design what would be useful to you.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

This one’s pretty clear cut, we’re designing our app for long term investors. But if the same functionality works for people who’re investing more regularly then that’s a bonus :slight_smile:

(James Drake) #7

Internal data would help in a real development but im just doing this for fun / support. I think i’d stick with the original design goal of long term investment. If the design folks at FT pick up anything that would be awesome.


Oh I agree @alex.s though I wonder if long term vs short term may be orthogonal to frequent vs gradual.

I have been persuaded by the SPIVA (et al) data so I’m (well, 95%) a gradually-accumulating, low-cost-seeking, 70:30 style index-tracking investor (I don’t look at prices, I don’t do research.) Someone that looks for good times to get in/out of a stock and plans to do it until retirement might also describe themselves as a long term investor. Our needs might be very different and we might design Freetrade differently to each other, but maybe both of us would call ourselves long term investors.

(James Drake) #9

From a design perspective as well as the platform (watch) the use cases would be akin to immediate information as opposed to long form. So while you wouldn’t want to look at full form charts on Apple Watch you may want to know if a Withdrawable / Unsettled or Reserved Cash metric has changed. Sudden change based off of % in some of your portfolio. Depending on API usage over at FT you could receive News or specifically Apple News alerts pertaining to whats in your portfolio