Apps not working

My App is not working I can not login what’s going on please ?

What’s happening when you try to log on?

Have you tried:

  • force quitting the app?
  • ensuring all apps are updated?
  • restarting your phone?
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
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Done all that Sir and it still not working ???

Are you able to describe in more detail? At which stage is it not working? Does the app open at all?
What are you seeing?

If you are stuck at a page saying Creating profile, you have input the incorrect email address when setting up the app.


App is playing up. Can’t see portfolio, only watch list

Okay now I deleted and reinstalled it its okay now Thanks

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Yes that’s right it was stuck on a page saying creating profile !
but its sorted now thanks had to reinstall the App now all is good Thanks Again

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