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Current profits of this company are over $1.5m per month - expected to nearly triple by year end (when new mining gear commissioned). All this with a MCap of just £23m. Expect this share to fly in early part of 2020 - needs adding ASAP. (Currently 7.8p sp)


Maiden profit reported today

Stocks performing well now BTC is rallying, be good to have it included in ft.

Can we please please have this. It’s the only publicly-traded crypto miner.

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Another one I managed to get on trading212 but not here. Please add

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Cheers FT. Just invested.


Hi. I have never invested in crypto let alone a mining Co. Can I have some more detail on what you expect from this investment pleass Matt? Ta,

It’s similar to a traditional miner. If they manage to get more performance out of their servers, they will mine more Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin moves in the market like any other commodity. If it goes up, and it has done so in the past year, their output will become even more valuable.

Nice move today… :partying_face:

Lots of sellers early doors who turned 100% in a matter of days… Interesting to see what happens during the course of today!

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If you bought at this point. I salute you. May I borrow your crystal ball.

Look at BTC :joy::joy::joy:


This is one helluva train…loving this ride! :rocket:


No wonder .

Enjoying this pump, just wonder when or if it will dump.


When institutions decide they now have enough BTC? 🤷
I think the market at the moment sees ARB as undervalued in comparison to other miners such as Riot. Particularly now the stock is also available OTC in the US market which, agreed, is further helping to generate hype!

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I read someone yesterday who was up 70% in a day and plunged in fomo, angry at myself for trading on emotion but I’m up 40% today :sweat_smile:. Dyor not a recommendation :joy:.


Personally I only managed to grab 3000 shares and have 2 bagger already.

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