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So I guess the next question would be if Argo, MARA and RIOT are to all intents and purposes offering, delivering and producing pretty much identical product why are their shares not worth about the same?

I would guess they all incur different costs/overheads and money they take out of the business between BTC value and share value. For example some shops may sell same stocks but are more efficient than others and take out more profit in the middle than others.
Not guaranteed but it was I would assume, of course I could be totally wrong :joy:

ARB, MARA and RIOT all hold (or hodl) different numbers of bitcoin, which are considered assets. They all also have a different number of mining machines so produce different numbers of bitcoin. Then there are the electricity costs/overheads that Big-g mentioned. Then you have to factor in the number of shares for each company. Market cap is a better comparison than share value. ARB has more shares in circulation than the other two. That’s just the basics. There are more things to consider, like ARB’s 25% stake in Pluto.

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Glad I bought some more on the dip :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:


I thought you sold everything a month ago and made 19k ?

Oo yeah BTC moving… Wonder how that will effect coinbase float??

Let’s hope Argo starts to… Well… Gogo

I sure did but then I got fomo and bought back in


Hope, fear, hope, fear… God I really think BTC is messing with establishment logic and is so out of left field it makes the internet seem as out of date as soda stream, BMX’s and that Evel Knievel toy motorbike I had in the 70’s (which was awesome btw). I have really have no idea if one BTC will be worth nothing or a billion dollars in ten years but it is much more interesting to watch than a Netflix bow set!

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  • box not bow :roll_eyes:

Bitcoin seems to rise often on Saturdays and fall on Sundays. Who knows when/if bitcoin will reach new highs but it is frustrating being stuck in the high 50s. I think ARB will be stuck until bitcoin makes a break above 62k and FOMO starts kicking in.

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Argo is the only crypto miner that doesn’t rise with Bitcoin. Frustrating that it seems stuck atm. Suspect Mara and Riot will rise a lot today but I may be wrong


super frustrating considering we definitely feel it went BTC dips, think we’re just lacking volume at this point no one wants it

Then why are my RIOT shares down 16% since I bought them?


Wish I put my money directly on Bitcoin now😖


Seems since the options at £2 it’s stuck despite Bitcoin at 62000