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Buying the dip right now, hodl

I’m starting to lose faith in this share since it’s not tracking bitcoin.

Are you buying the dip @An2dre or buying the start of a bigger decline? That’s my concern. Right now it’s at my break even point.

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there does to seem a detachment from btc price which was my #1 reason for this company, to act as an isa wrapped btc exposure.

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Nail on the head, what is the point in this stock of it doesn’t follow BTC, might aswell become an investment company that also mines on the side

As bad as it looks right now I’m not selling as I fear I would miss out on any re-rate. No guarantee of that happening though. It just doesn’t make sense as last time the share price was at these levels bitcoin was around 54k when it was going through its end of March dip.

At times like these I’m so happy to have only 40 shares !!

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I won’t be selling yet as I can definitely see this at £3 again however with it being out of line with bitcoin and with a considerable amount of outstanding shares this isn’t reaching any moons for a while. hope I’m wrong though

Guys this is a crypto stock, full of volatility and nonsense, stop trying to analyse it like a normal stock. It will go back up once the fomo starts again and eyes are turned back to the crypto space. Right now btc needs to have a push up by se big events, maybe tomorrow with coinbase going public investors will look at other way to getting exposure. That’s my view midterm. Eventually though they will benefit for the new mining facility and the larger bitcoin hodl in the next quarter. This stock will go up again. So I hodl


I don’t think anyone here has tried to analyse this like a normal stock. Are you even following bitcoin? Today it reached an all time high. It’s reasonable to assume ARB would go up if bitcoin increases and down when it decreases, not be sitting at one of the lowest levels of the last two months.

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Wish I’d just bought BTC now. This just isn’t gong up with BTC but does go down with it. The dilution at £3 has totally made the wheels fall off.

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Yeh can’t believe its only up 6000% in 4 months, what a dud.


That’s missing the point Adam, it’s largely stopped following BTC in the last month. Stating how much it hon up in the last year is a different subject ( and is now (relatively) old news.

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The point people are making is that if you bought 1k BTC a month ago and 1k Argo you would be considerably better off buying the BTC…

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If only new investors had a time machine so we could place our share in December. New investors are looking forwards, not behind and the 6000% rise means nothing to people buying in since March. If people can’t see a return on their investments then you will only have sellers as no one will buy. For anyone who invested in the past 8 weeks or so, it is a dud.

It’s not unreasonable for new investors to expect the share price to increase when the product it produces increases in value. Like if I invest in BP I would expect the share price to increase when the price of crude oil increases and it generally dose. Likewise on the opposite. These are fundamentals. If the share price falls when the product value is increasing then something else is causing the drop.

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But argo is supposed to roughly follow BTC

Well said Xenor.

People need to remember Argo IS NOT bitcoin!!! They will have many overheads and other costs that are NOT linked to BTC. If people wanted to buy something that mirrors BTC exactly they should buy BTC :joy:

The stock has made many a lot of money this year and maybe not being volatile to BTC is actually a very good thing? Just a thought.


I guarantee that if bitcoin falls 20% or more then you’ll not be defending the share going down when BTC is increasing. ARB seems to track BTC down but not up. Wouldn’t surprise me if arb falls below 200p if BTC falls back below 60k.

Riot up 20% in last 48hours, its following BTC. Good RIOT, have a bone