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The case back then was that their numbers were considerably better than Riot and Mara which are listed on the nasdaq and had a much crazier hype run.

Yeh, but what is the case today. I think it’s just people that are late to the party, happy to hear any real cases for investment though.

I’ve lost money from investing in things semi-blindly for unsound reasons and this feels like that in terms of the proportion of the hype compared to the potential gains.


Do some research on Argo Blockchain, far too much to put here. Has a really bright future with plenty of plans in the works. Not just a hype stock at all.


For me, it’s a good way to gain bitcoin exposure through your ISA. There will be ups and downs in the road, but as long as the US money printers continue to churn, I can see BTC reaching 100k within 12 months

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Well I’m only down 11% on this stock now so hopefully sooner or later break even. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done some research on them already and am fairly knowledgeable in the crypto space. I’ve had some crypto for a while and also invested in Silvergate Capital - I would check them out, they provide banking and infrastructure to crypto companies and exchanges. They should definitely have growth if the crypto space becomes more adopted, regardless of the price of the currencies. I’m interested in what the arguments are for Argo of why they should have ~3 x earnings growth to justify the share price.

im long on argo. when i mean long i mean


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There are a few factors such as upcoming NASDAQ listing, Texas site development and being the only carbon negative miner, but it is a good way to get exposure to BTC without FX fees or capital gains concerns. It is a growth stock and not for everyone, but I’m hodling for the long term

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doesn’t BTC drops give investors a massive heads up into when this stock will dip cos i’ve noticed there’s a decent delay…

or am I just late to the party with this thought…

As long as Bitcoin doesn’t tank under $40,000 I’m fine in waiting for the price spike from the hype around finally Listing on the NASDAQ


Hi…does anyone have a simple explanation of what will happen to the shares we have bought on this platform ? When Argo goes on the Nasdaq? Thanks In anticipation.

Nothing will happen on your end. It’s dual listing so FT will maintain the LSE one as its pointless having both. ARBK will appear on the Nasdaq so it might get more demand from US investors. It’s currently on OTC for now, don’t know if that continues but not on FT anyway.

Thanks Adam :handshake:

I don’t think you can buy anymore OTC and they get converted/sold year end

Finally in the green for the first time since buying :joy:


Same, I’ve been in the red since April. It’s very welcomed and the beginning of something great!!


Hopefully it on the mend as I’m still red! Didn’t want to sell at loss so just held it.

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What price did you guys buy at? Looks like it sorta moved with GME tbh