ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) - No KIID

@Viktor please could we just add the three stocks I have just bumped to allow people to build their own ARK Innovation ETF?

EDIT: Well own the top 10 holdings at least.

SECOND EDIT: I was tired and did not notice Zillow (Z) was already on Freetrade!

Wallstreetbets, Facebook groups etc. any forum or group I am part of keeping talking about ARK and it bleeds through into Europe I guess…

@GordanJordan all of the top 10 holdings of the main ARK ETF are available on Freetrade so you can buy them and build your own index with fractional shares?

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Maybe Freetrade should add an ARK “sector” in the app that listed the top ten stocks. (Though they’d then have to keep it up to date.)


I was half asleep when I started on this topic so my searching and thinking were clearly half arsed…

That sounds like an awesome idea! I have no idea if it brings any issues around promotion/copying etc. but you could just label it ‘innovative’ and no one would ever know…

Already sort-of happening.

I produce a live API of all (not just top 10) assets in every ARK fund on-demand and overlaid with tickers, ISINs and, most relevantly, cheap brokers where those shares are for sale and whether fractional or not.

Several good folk over on a rival platform that shall not be named already create pastry-based portfolios around them.

I call it “Noah” … as in … build (your own) Ark …

old screenshot… not current


That’s great @finki.

I think making the contents of ETFs more visible is always interesting - I’ve always wanted a thing that could tell me “So you’re interested in buying $TICKER? Well, it’s also in these ETFs A, B and C and remember you already own C!”

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That’s magic, thanks. @Duncan Freetrade could do so many interesting product things with @finki’s api that are broader than the usual etf screeners - have a meeting pls!


For people who want to go for an ARK ETF, why not just go for our local SMT (Scottish Mortgage Trust)?

It’s not an ETF, rather, it’s an investment trust, similar in spirit (they invest in what they think is going to be future shaping companies) and similar(ish) performance. Extremely solid, I would say.

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Nice! thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: keep them coming!

Or better still create a Pie like M1 Finance and allow people to set up their own ETFs! All you need to do is add as many stocks in the ARKK etf into freetrade and people can then add those stocks into a single pie and auto invest thereby creating their own etf. The beauty is that it also allows people to add their own individual weighting for each stock that they add into their pie!


Does anyone know if there’s any desire or movement within the EU or /UK after brexit. To relax or remove the KDDI requirement or some form of workaround. Or likewise any indication that ETFs in the US may start producing this? Or is this a limitation that’s not likely to be resolved anytime soon?

The UK has adopted all of the EU financial regulations to ensure comparability between the two regimes. So the short answer is no.

This is why Ireland and Luxembourg domiciled ETFs will still be available in the event of a no deal Brexit.

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Would love this one!

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Hi Freetrade,
Can you add the following ARK ETFs?

Thank you.


ARKK: ARK Innovation ETF
ARKW ARK Next Gen Internet
ARKG Ark Genomic Revolution
ARKF ARK Fintech Innovation
ARKQ ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF

please make it stop

mifid, priips, kiids, us etfs in europe for retail investors

Google any or all


:joy: he’s from 1999 leave him be :laughing:. Where were you in 99 finki?

Cynical responses to your fellow forum users are a waste of your spare time. I’m a recent ex-pat familiar with U.S/CA reg not EU, but thanks for pointing out why only UCITS are allowed. Your reminders are appreciated but try and be a bit less presumptuous and not assume every repeat question comes from what you deem an ignorant millennial - not everyone cares/has an interest in scanning these forums or the retail segment of finance and its associated regulations. You could have worked at a retail brokerage firm, someone else could be in PE or Distressed Debt but sarcastic statements by either party against another on topics within ones spec domain of expertise is stupid and all too common on retail forums. let’s all just be kind and assume we can learn something from one another?


Yes, it’s unreasonable to assume that knowledge for every new investor, but just typing this subject line immediately shows this is a duplicate thread (and the lack of KIID)

Also seriously how much are ARK spending on marketing? The volume of forum traffic around these is crazy.

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Not a new investor - just new to the EU/UK reg framework