ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) - No KIID

Cathie Wood is the bomb - please can we get all her ETFs on FreeTrade!

Nope. They don’t have the Key Info Document Doodad so they’re not compliant over here

Why almost everyone like so much ETFs?

Because it’s the objectively best form of investment for almost all individual investors - return and risk wise.

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I think you meant that there’s a good balance between return and the lower risk compared to a company’s stock (right?), but I think maybe it’s the fact that people don’t have to keep up with the market.

Aren’t those two basically the same thing?

There’s a lot of discussion on this here already. You can use the search function to find it.

I mean that empirically, essentially no one consistently beats the market in the long run - not individual investors, nor professional fund managers. So you’d get a better return.
In addition to that, you get instant diversification against unsystematic risk in most etfs. If a stock and an etf have the same expected return, the etf gives you reduced unsystematic risk already and should be prefered.

Thanks for letting me know. I will check :+1:

Maybe so.

Ark Invest run a range of ETF’s that focus on stocks that innovate and distrupt the current market. From robotics, to genomics, to fintech, to space stock etc. There main ETF ticker symbol ARK K has made annual returns of 29.2% with only 0.75% fees. The Ark Invest group is headed up by Cathy Wood who is arguably one of the greatest growth stock investors ever.

Unfortunately the ETF is only offered by platforms who want to sting you with insanely high fees for holding an ISA and trading.

That’s why Freetrade would be a great platform for Ark invest ETF’s. Trading 212 have fallen short on offering the ETF too even though Ark ETF’s are well sought after.

Sorry this won’t be possible. These ETFs do not have a KIID so are not able to be offered on Freetrade.

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There is a thread already with this information on it:


What are ARK doing that are putting their funds in the face of European investors?

Where’s this demand coming from?

@Viktor please could we just add the three stocks I have just bumped to allow people to build their own ARK Innovation ETF?

EDIT: Well own the top 10 holdings at least.

SECOND EDIT: I was tired and did not notice Zillow (Z) was already on Freetrade!

Wallstreetbets, Facebook groups etc. any forum or group I am part of keeping talking about ARK and it bleeds through into Europe I guess…

@GordanJordan all of the top 10 holdings of the main ARK ETF are available on Freetrade so you can buy them and build your own index with fractional shares?

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Maybe Freetrade should add an ARK “sector” in the app that listed the top ten stocks. (Though they’d then have to keep it up to date.)


I was half asleep when I started on this topic so my searching and thinking were clearly half arsed…

That sounds like an awesome idea! I have no idea if it brings any issues around promotion/copying etc. but you could just label it ‘innovative’ and no one would ever know…

Already sort-of happening.

I produce a live API of all (not just top 10) assets in every ARK fund on-demand and overlaid with tickers, ISINs and, most relevantly, cheap brokers where those shares are for sale and whether fractional or not.

Several good folk over on a rival platform that shall not be named already create pastry-based portfolios around them.

I call it “Noah” … as in … build (your own) Ark …

old screenshot… not current


That’s great @finki.

I think making the contents of ETFs more visible is always interesting - I’ve always wanted a thing that could tell me “So you’re interested in buying $TICKER? Well, it’s also in these ETFs A, B and C and remember you already own C!”

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