ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK

An active ETF, 0.75% ongoing fee. If I could pick one thing to invest in it would be this!! Is it possible?

I love an ETF so you have my vote.

you definitely got my vote!

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Interesting information on this ETF


Hopefully it gets added soon! @alex.s @adam @Toby

We’re watching, keep voting :smile:


I’d buy this if it was available!

Still going up :eyes: Is it possible to add this though Alex?

We can’t offer ETFs that’re dollar priced at the moment unfortunately.

They don’t produce a KID at the moment so no one can offer this ETF in the UK right now :disappointed:

Ark’s actively traded etfs have performed very well in past years and would love to see them on freetrade.

There is no guarantee they will continue to do well in the future.


Ahh I’ve been looking for them but couldn’t find them. I will change it to tech/innovation ETF’s.

Have followed them for a while now and frankly I’m put off by their fees, portfolio allocation and complete disregard for the concept of valuation. With that said they’re a good source of investment ideas and also publish all of their holdings and trades on a daily basis. You can almost replicate their portfolio by backing their largest positions.


This would be awesome and I think a perfect etf for a lot of userbase.

I did wonder why it wasn’t available anywhere. Thanks for that reply

A lot of the underlying companies they invest in are in the requested list, help us out by voting for them if you want exposure to it :slight_smile: