ARK (innovation) stock collection

Judging by the amount of requests, a lot of people (me included) would like to invest in ARK funds.

Given that this is currently impossible (no KIID), and since they are transparent about their holdings (e.g. this), perhaps :freetrade: could create a ARK (or “Innovative Companies” :wink:) stock collection to add to the ones already available on :plus_: ?

The problem with this is the ETF is constantly changing the holdings and weighting’s and so Freetrade would have to monitor this.

It also seems slightly pointless as anyone can just google the ETF and see its current holdings?

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I agree with the first point although I wouldn’t expect such a collection to completely match any of the ARK funds 100% of the time so it wouldn’t be necessary to have this constantly monitored (at least no more frequently than any of the other collections).

In terms of being able to google the ETF components, that is also true but I think that can also be said of any of the other collections as well. I suppose the idea would just be to make it easier to find stocks of a given category that are available in the specific freetrade universe. Just my two cents… :man_shrugging:

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