Arkw, Arkq, etc

Please add Cathy’s Ark actively managed etfs. I would move a big chunk of my savings to freetrade if that happens (like £3k :eyes:).

Where do you hold these ETFs? For example, ARKW does not offer a KIID so is not available for addition to Freetrade.

That’s right - I recently wrote to them and they replied as below. Unfortunately, none of their ETF stable is UK accessible yet…

“ARK is aware of the new EU requirements. Currently, we do not have a KIID, however, we are working with outside counsel to analyze European regulation. We will update you when we’ve come to a resolution. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to provide more clarity to European investors in the near future.”

If you bought it before the regulations kicked in, you can still hold it, receive dividends and sell it with legacy brokers. Just not buy it.

I wasn’t aware of the EU change in rules.