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Trading halted , but IB let me place an order so when it resumes will see if I get filled :innocent:

and we are go go go., got filled at $56.10 :face_with_peeking_eye:
just a speculative trade … see what happens

I am not touching this yet.

I suspect it will rise for a little bit before dropping down after the IPO buzz is over then I will evaluate it then.


Same here. Going to let it stabilise a bit.


Anyone else not seeing arm in the platform yet?

I can see it but shows as non ISA compliant.

now out at $61.60 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
sit back n wait now see what it does, before I think about buying long term, need more data and financials and see what China gets up to

Yeah still unable to order, really disappointed in FreeTrade

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This is now live and has been for a while now. Let me
Know if any issues and we can investigate.

As for ISA eligibility they’ve listed ADRs in New York. The underlying shares are not listed and therefore means the NYC listing is not ISA eligible unfortunately!

Most annoying on the ISA front

Once the IPO buzz is over, this will come dipping down sharply.

Is that because that’s a normal trend after a new release or you do not think the value is there?

Been stung a few times getting excited about new IPO’s. Mine in the past have either taken a nosedive straight off the bat or climbed for a couple of days and then taken a dive.

I vowed never again to get excited and go all in on float day.

Their last quarters figures look a bit iffy
I always question if they were doing so good why the need to raise all this money :face_with_peeking_eye:

That’s usually the trend lol

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Wonder if we get a good Friday and plummet next week or will people cash out today

Wasn’t far off


Arm share price dropped almost 6% after yesterdays earnings presentation.
Didn’t have bad results, but bleak forecast disappointed investors.
Nice entry point to the stock?

Dipped a toe. Not doing too badly this week at least

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Not doing too badly this week either!