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I’d take a $3.50 AVG SP ATM hopefully won’t be long till it’s quite above the $3.50 price :crossed_fingers:t2:

That was the plan, get £100 of that and same amount in polestar to diversify my portfolio a bit

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Didn’t know polstar had shares? Or should say Volvo :thinking:

I definite need to diversify away from Arrival at some point, currently 46.24% of my GIA and 38.71% of my total holdings including ISA

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In arrival? That’s like my shares in red amount :rofl::rofl: currently haven’t checked % of portfolio but I know it’s isn’t That high with them

Update currently 2.8% of my portfolio :frowning:

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Yeah @Lenny, will likely go up before down. Trying to build to 1.5k shares

Wether it works or not but can ask them direct in messages look for new stock request!
I have asked for $dea again tho :thinking::roll_eyes:

It’s under Gores Guggenheim, it’s a SPAC which merges with Polestar in June. Good entry price at the moment if you are interested.

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Thank you :blush:

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Space hasn’t really worked out for me :sob: bit I will have a look :thinking:

As we all countdown to earnings in exactly a week’s time, I’ve got to admit that I’m rather nervous as an investor about what’s in store. Here are a list of things that I think could potentially impact the share price:

  1. LOIs - Arrival saw a nice 100% increase from the last quarter. But given the delays in production, we can only hope that there won’t be any cancellations and that LOIs continue to increase at a healthy rate.

  2. Cash burn - We were all told in the last earnings call that Arrival expects to burn through about $655-755m in cash. Let’s see how it pans out and whether they’ve started the year on track. The macroeconomic situation with high inflation doesn’t help, let’s put it that way. Not to mention, official accounting statements (That were delayed TWICE) showed that losses came in slightly higher than initially forecasted in the last earnings call.

  3. Bus certification - This lot have got to be the least transparent board I’ve invested in. We’ve had to dig through pages of documents and LinkedIn profiles to find bus certification. Official confirmation of this would be superb.

  4. Proof of concept - Speaking of proof, they’re yet to show their proof of concept in being able to manufacture an entire vehicle from start to finish. Yes, automated skateboard production from the last quarter was shown, but until the whole van and its chassis is proven with video, this could very well be a failed experiment still.


Hi all. My first post on the community I’ve upped my share number to over 200. Current average share price is about 1.80. It’s a risk (new investor on FT in last few months. But I wanted to put myself in a good position on this stock.


@Lenny, just added 50, will probably add more Friday


Got slightly under a hundred worth off both used the rest on topping up a few off my other stocks


I’m currently on 200 shares in ARVL, will likely add another 50-100 shares on Friday too.

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why do you think its a BUY?


Several reasons.

Firstly if they pull of the “modular Lego” design it will be a game changer, and make them VERY popular with large companies.

They have a very small amount of debt.

The Focus in commercial vehicles. Most EV vans are just the petrol version with a new engine. Almost nobody else is focusing on this multi billion dollar industry.

Also see This post which is pretty detailed.


Talk about peer pressure sorry guys @FiftyDolTrader and @Ryan6 thought you guys was skint :joy: you must have a good feeling burning up in you guts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let’s hope we get some good news next week :+1:t2:

I’m looking at 188 can’t add yet but I did sell some shares tonight so I do have funds but they was planned for dividend stock maybe can put few 100 out for arrival see what happens with price tomorrow firstly :thinking: