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Here is a recent article regarding the bus.


Thank you @bitflip amd @Optimisery for the links. Interesting stuff indeed. Glass half full or glass half empty. I really hope this company works out. It’s a little bit UK, it’s green and the production methodology is unique. Bus looks quite cool too. I’m tempted to buy a few more shares but don’t want to give it the (final) kiss of death!


They have but they still have buses made and road legal so using them as staff shuttles is a good bit of PR

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They was always going to happen, Wright Bus already have a proven EV bus

Interesting article and thanks for the link,… keeping my fingers crossed then, as I just averaged down, even more, today buying at $1.01.

Hope they don’t sink below $1

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$1 May be seen as symbolic or arbitrary however it has real significance. NASDAQ rules stipulate that any company that trades below $1 for 30 consecutive days will be delisted. In truth, the process takes a while and the company can put together a plan that return to ‘compliance’ but it’s not a great situation.


Do companies generally do a Reverse stock split to avoid this?

Yes they can do a reverse stock split to avoid delisting. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Good question @Sims. Yes, the data according to

shows that most US reverse splits were forced (see Chart 2, most are under $1). Lots of other interesting info in the article.


Good question @Sims & great article @bitflip - I love these sorts of situations, an opportunity to all get a little bit smarter.


Must have to be rocket scientist to under stand that article :roll_eyes: so in Lehman terms what does a forced reverse split actually do?
Does it mean it’s splits into 2 or 3 like Tesla recently

Answers on a postcard please :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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A reverse split reduces the number of shares, with the price increasing proportionally.

As an example if you had 20 shares at $0.75 and the company did a 1-4 reverse split, you would end up with 5 shares but would expect them to be $3.00 each


I’m guessing going under a dollar also has its problems by potentially triggering stop losses.

I’m hoping they are working round the clock to get that SOP news out.

I’m still averaging down a little, but I’m concerned.

I’ve always said that ARVL will either make me rich or have me work an additional year.

I guess its like buying a lottery ticket.


Good to see you around @Jthejellybean you’ve climbed the ladder to Seeking Alpha now I see.


Yes, sir. Just thought I’d make a brief return before disappearing into thin air once again. The mods really dislike me here, as you can see :joy:

The author has previously produced nice sounding low quality articles.

Never claimed that this one was approved by Freetrade but hey, it is what it is. Understandable. Nonetheless, feel free to follow me on that platform! See you around, Neil.

So basically my money will go be worth a 1/4


The overall value of your investment will remain the same. In the case of a reverse split, the number of shares will decrease, but the price of the share will increase in inverse proportion to the decrease in number of shares.

In the example I gave:
20 shares at $0.75 would equals holdings worth $15
if a 1-4 reverse split occurred,
there would be 5 shares worth $3.00, still equals holdings worth $15


But I won’t be better off if shares decrease either, bit I get your example

Averaging down myself from $11 to $1.48, and somewhat concerned too.

Though I believe in what arrival are doing and if it wasn’t for all this downtrend in the market (not mentioning Inflation issues) I’m sure Arrival would be in a better place right now,… It’s going to be a rough year, but if they can scrape through, We should be good!


Under $1 sadly….