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The Nikola thing, I really don’t get! It’s like backing a known offender over that of an innovative company without a criminal record… Saying that, the markets are rarely ethical. Anyways, here’s hoping to good news from Dubai!

No mention of Arrival:

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It’s painful to see my return on ARVL down almost 95% and being a week way from getting notified by the NASDAQ of being below the minimum bid price list requirement.

I am holding since I don’t have much more to lose, but tbh my expectations are low. I am usually quite optimistic, but the reality is that odds are against ARVL.

They have the hardest part ahead of them and they only have roughly 5Q of cash and whatever they can get from now on, which in the current environment, might not be much.

Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. :crossed_fingers:


What happens to the shares if they get delisted ?

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Read from here down a few posts.

Cheers Neil. I should have read further up before posting ! Fingers crossed they pull through these hard times.

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From another group, 2 vans registered this week



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So obviously it’s gonna get delisted but does that mean out shares are gonna disappear too? Where do we go after delisted :thinking:

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It’s not obvious, there are plenty of options for the company to explore. They will also have to be trading below $1 for a period of time before getting a notice from NASDAQ.

The shares won’t disappear, you own them, you might have difficulty accessing them if they move to a listing Freetrade don’t support but OTC is an option.


Why obvious? I suggest you read in full the process of delisting, also while your at it look at a reverse split.

Also as it’s a mostly Anglo company, it can lost on the LSE if need be.

Well going off the experts on here you have 30 days to get back to $1 30 days under $1 your gone! According to people further up in this message

The key word missing from their posts is “initiate” the process of delisting. It doesnt mean its game over at all. Have a look at the amount of firms that are still trading under a $1 consecutively for months.



I posted what a delisting order looks like just a few posts up.

As mentioned above Arrival could just reverse split 10/1.

considering the current economic macro trend, there is a high chance NASDAQ will freeze rules:

Copied from investopedia:
The rules are generally considered to be written in stone, they can be overlooked for a short period of time if the exchange deems it necessary. For example, on Sept. 27, 2001, Nasdaq announced that it was implementing a three-month moratorium on price and market value listing requirements as a result of the market turbulence created by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City.8

For many of the stocks trading under $1, the freeze expired on Jan. 2, 2002, and some companies found themselves promptly delisted from the exchange. The same measures were taken in late 2008 in the midst of the global financial crisis, as hundreds of Nasdaq-listed companies plunged below the $1 threshold.


30 days of being under $1 they get a warning letter then 180 days to rectify it I believe


Thanks for explaining that @DavePanda


Just to add to this if not mentioned already. If Arrival trades above $1 for 10 consecutive “trading days” then they will be compliant again.


It’s been under $1 over 30 days now

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